Monday, 21 August 2017

Gasmiasma - Thermobarbarian 12 " & KRVS Tape

Finally converting it!!!! 
So I've been a lazy twat & couldn't be arsed converting stuff hoping someone else would do it but alas nahhhh so I've done it myself today "Thermobarbarian" 12 inch for you to finally be able to listen on your Mp3/Ipod/Lappy or whatever. 

Obviously the lyrics


It's converting!!!! 

Did write a bit about these back in 2014 but I've updated the blog I published on 18th Feb 2014 so I'm not chatting so much shit!!! I've wrote some absolute bollocks over the years on this blog!!! 

Sunday, 9 July 2017

D.R.I - DEMO 1983

Love em or hate em this was a game changer!!! 
The 1983 Demo That is all! 

Jailcell Recipes

Always one of my fave drawings for the band.

Being a local to me band & basically one of the "House" bands in the infamous Planet X in Liverpool I got to see these guys a fair amount of times. Not as many as a lot more of my old "friends" but I lost count let's put it that way! Robbie the lead singer is a year below me in school and as there was only 3 of us who were still listening to punk in our school we obviously knew each other! I was listening to more stuff as well & wasn't really exclusive to punk rock! 

Later on in years I would become great friends with my still best mate Piggy who was living in Poulton Road with Robbie, Sanjiv, Middie (Drummer in Skitvarld my old band) which as you may or may not know was the name of the Ep they released POULTON ROAD (Which reminds me I forgot to add the worn down 7 inch in this zip never mind you have both albums & the Poulton Road sessions in it........ forget that it's at the end of the Poulton Road sessions) you can see a lot of the crew from that time of life in a picture on the Poulton Road ep whch also includes the mysterious Sanjiv who was the original vocalist in Carcass (Only thing is he's not mysterious at all!!!) I'm not in the picture why.... well I was one of the few people who had a job at the time & I wasn't around that day haha! 

I was briefly in a band with Jamie the guitarist who was playing drums in a band that would have been called MOSCHOPS which also included Whitey the drummer from Electro Hippies who was playing guitar!!! That sadly only lasted one praccy I can't recall why we never practised again other than the Libido Boyz was using JCR equipment for a European tour & it just fell away! I have a recording of that practice though. 

Anyway enough of my stories of days of yonder so have the zip. I've done it in one file so sorry bit easier & quicker before I get bored/no time of blogging again!! 

Thursday, 6 July 2017

DT and the Stoodes

Seems I started this (Stoodes) Blog on Novemeber the 20th 2015! That was around the time I decided to change my life for the better & get the fuck out the hellhole it had turned into. So 18 months down the line I'm a better man in the best place I've ever been with the absolute love of my life. That's another story!

This band haven't got much recognition but I love them. There is a YouTube video on where they are doing a live set at a fashion show which is priceless it's a cunt to find so good luck I tried for you for about 10 mins!

Inside Out

Might get a bit of shit for this in two counts, one because I always slag this type of Hardcore off generally & two Revelation Records prob won't like I've put it up, but hey fuck it. (Put a comment in the post & I'll drop it) 

I've mainly put this up as it's Zach La Rocha's band & well I'll admit I think RATM album is one of the best albums of all time so fuck it!! If you want to pay $5 for this ep then go here Inside Out Revelation Records Bandcamp so that's my plug however I'm putting it on for free here. The EP is still widely available including a gold version of 550 copies released not 2 years ago! It gets released quite often. 

Consisting of members of Chain Of Strength (Whatever happened to my green vinyl of that I don't know!) Gorilla Biscuits, Shelter, 108 etc there is no lack of talent in this band. It's defo not your stereotypical NYHC bollocks but it's defo in the mixing pot. 

Ok well that's it. I was just listening to it on my iTunes and thought I would share it as I'm possibly gonna do another blog in a minute!!! Wow this is a bit surreal! What's happened with me well my life has changed a lot so I may even do a separate blog for that information as it's been a long time since I posted here.

Thanks to the people who I've met over the years who told me how much they loved the blog & got loads of stuff off it. If you're new I had tonnes of stuff on here & one day I woke up to find 99% had been wiped by media-fire so I tried again & it went again. It was pretty heartbreaking anyway I wiped all those blogs & started again a little bit & well this is what you see.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Skitvarld - The Demo 2015

It's been too long since my last blog but my life is so busy everytime I think I will do a blog I forget!!! However as I'm trying to plug my own band it's easier to remember!!

We've been going since May 2013 & well it's taken a while to sort these 11 tracks (3 in the first song) I mean the sort of thing we do is say last night we've two new songs well I was singing the lyrics to the wrong song & then when we changed to the other new song I realised that I now knew why some of the words weren't fitting in hmmmmm!! 

Anyway this is a free download from Bandcamp will sort out Soundcloud soon!! NoisyPunk from Liverpool!! 

Hoping someone wants to release this in the meantime we are ourselves as a cassette 

Friday, 20 March 2015

Hank Wood & The Hammerheads

So here I am finally after a long break. My life revolves around a 56 hour working week basically to survive in Tory ruled UK & the fact I can get the records, cd's, tapes etc I want finally after having a fucking shit first half of 2014!! Anyway enough about me & hooray to me for buying loads of music again!!! 

So I generally think NYHC is crap, I mean not all of it but I hated that macho bollocks that straight edge crap that came around that 80's/90's period. HOWEVER the NYHC scene now is something I am almost obsessed with some of the bands that have or are coming out from the self proclaimed "Greatest city in the world" is something that I am thoroughly enjoying. It's different & noisy as fuck. One such band Hank Wood are as I originally described them as The Doors on Coke & Speed then I thought hmmm you didn't really think that out did you Andrew!!! 

Now some of the there stuff is still available from some distro's around the world one such place I'm gonna link here LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS how long & how much Paco has I don't know? This is a UK distro/label with many great things to buy from! Anyway you can also find stuff on Discogs as well but for those who don't have enough money here are the file's for you to download & listen to as usual try & support the band & any band I blog (that's still going of course)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Fader War

 Originally from the album worth around £300 now INGENTING FOR NORGE this bootlegged ep is an astounding piece of Norwegian hardcore (except the last song.... that's fucking shit!!) Proper punk rock from 1982!! They just didn't stay together long enough to make a massive wave in Scandinavia!! So many good bands vanished into obscurity only to be remembered by the likes of my mate Andy who will listen to anything that's pre 1700 BC!!! (That's a bit of a standing joke with us!! He don't listen to new stuff unless we go listen to this!!) FADER WAR FUCKING AVE IT!!

Screaming Holocaust

Screaming Holocaust a band I can't for the life of me remember much about obviously from ENT country & mates with them! But at the time back in 89/90 when I bought these ep's I think I knew a lot more about them! 

I remember a few years ago looking through the internet looking for the MP3's of these 2 ep's (Cause I am too lazy to convert stuff myself though I have all the equipment!! Anyway I remember only finding one!! However it's Sept 2014 & I finally decided to convert the ep's myself & here they are & also the pictures of them whilst I was recording them as well!! Having just pent the past half hour editing the files & upping the sound them making them MP3 friendly as I do this is the finished article!! I am listening to the files as I do this blog & I think they are ok? However if I have fucked them up let me know I'm lying in bed & can't be arsed checking the vinyl which is downstairs (I ripped these a week or so ago!! Time moves slowly here!! Well in all honesty I've just completed a 73 hour working week either side of two 12 hour shifts so as you can understand 100 hours almost in 9 days takes it's toll on body & mind!!! Anyway point being the first 3 tracks on War come to a total of just over 4 mins yet the other side is almost 6 mins!! Prob ok just me & my tired head!!! 

Where did they go what did they do? For me the Hardcore scene was losing a lot of it's heavyweights around this time the likes of Napalm Death switched allegiance & went on the road to being absolutely fucking shite suddenly believing that Death Metal was a great idea!! But that's another story huh? The top bands was splitting up & a new wave of Hardcore bands was coming though none really exciting me to be honest bar the likes of Filthkick who didn't last too long either! Crust, Grind & Noise had had it's day for a while!! Maybe this is why Screaming Holocaust didn't hit the heights of previous bands in a similar vein?? Maybe that's just me lets face it that was 24 years ago & well I can barely remember what I did last week!!!  

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Due to constant bellends who think I am going to visit their shit pages you can now only post if you have a Google account see some of the crap I've been sent in the past two days alone!! Thing is it never automatically posts anyway .........SO FUCK OFF !!!

You gotta ask why people do this shit!! PLEASE DIE!!

Friday, 12 September 2014

RANT #2 ...... U2/Apple/iTunes


UPDATE 16/09/14: GOOD NEWS APPLE HAVE MADE IT READILY AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO GET RID OF THIS VIRUS!! FUCK YOU U2 & APPLE YOU ARE BACK IN MY GOOD BOOKS! However I'll leave my rant up for you to all realise just how much of a fucking loon I really am!!! 

Well it's been a while since I had a good fucking rant & well getting all my Apple devices infected with possible the worst virus in the history of the internet has got my back up big time & as Peter Griffin would say what really 

So what am I on about well if you live on another planet? (When I say other planet well some people do live on this planet but don't know fuck all example I said to someone yesterday in work 
"I see Oscar Pistorious got away with murder" & his reply "Why what did he do?"...... I despair sometimes!)  
Here is what's happened to the unfortunate Apple account holders!

Yesterday everyone with an Apple account was either lucky enough (If you're a cunt!) or unlucky enough to be given FREE the new U2 album who are Ireland's most annoying fucking export along with St Patrick day! Just delete it then you may say NO I CAN'T this is the problem! It's on my iPhone, it's on my wife's iPhone, it's on my wife's iPad it was on my iTunes (I deleted it as soon as I seen it their!) IT'S ON YOURS AS WELL!! 

What's this Bono YOU CUNT........................................ a minute, another minute, another minute ..... it's the sound of another tweet of utter disgust from another person on Twitter who fucking hate's  YOU YA CUNT (Did I mention that?) just hash tag  #U2iTunes you'll see prob more if you use a different hash tag! 

Like most people we can accept that we’ve been given it (I wish I could do this with my band like perhaps I could be a fucking multi millionaire tax dodging cunt?) however what I cannot accept is it’s just lying there in wait on my phone next to one of my fave bands The Dickies & one of my band’s The OldGuard that’s all I have on my phone music wise (I don't use my phone for music much) oh yeah & U bloody fucking 2!! I downloaded it proper on my phone so I could swipe left to delete but guess what it won’t go it just stays there for you to still download again!! 
IT IS A FUCKING VIRUS ..........it really is!!!

I love apple I really do in fact here is my Facebook status this morning save me writing it again!

I've added the first couple of comments onto the pic there are many more on their as well but both worthy comments that I'm sure many of you agree with. 

I personally have a 120GB & a 160GB iPod, My wife has an iPad (Which she sort of inherited as hers even though it was for me haha) & we both have iPhone’s as well as all 4 of our kids (hang on one fucked up & got a different one but she’s going back I THINK!) Cornered the market in the Rose household (& outside the house they all don’t live with us like!!) However Apple I will say I am utterly disgusted & fuming that you should force this onto 800,000,000 people (accounts) worldwide!! I mean what the fuck? Just give people the option to be able to download it if they want, not just force it on them! I’m a right twat when I get a fucking leaflet through my door from some god damn pizza/takeaway place & even worse when they leave my gate open!! For the record I open the door confront them & hurl the “HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO CLOSE MY FUCKING GATE & STOP PUTTING SHIT THROUGH MY DOOR!”  I sound angry I am when they don’t close my gate..... LAZY BASTRDS!!

So the thing is U2 sit proudly in the iCloud forever waiting for the day I want it?.... Need it?.....Forgive Bono for being a tit?......Finally go deaf?......Have a skiing or car accident & smash my brain in then somehow let people know I want to listen to U2?..... FUCK YOU U2 & FUCK YOU APPLE for doing this!!! Delete this shit from our accounts NOW!! 

U2 don’t make any more music at least you was slightly original when you came out but now WOW SHIT (Oh hang on I've not listened to the new album have I 

STOP PRESS here is how to get it off your iPhone thanks to Layla Gibbon go into your settings find music & click on!

Find show all music (see at the bottom) click it so no green like below go into your music & it's gone!! 


Friday, 22 August 2014

Zygote (Inc Stig C Miller solo)

Well I've just been lying on my bed all day cause well in the past 2 weeks (not including this weeks work prior to the weekend of 32 hours 24 more to come over the weekend) 110 hours!! So I think I deserve a doing shite all day? 
I've had a real shitty year that may finally be turning for the better so much so I've actually been able to buy music again for the first time in months & as music is my ultimate love (hope my wife & kids don't read this... come to think of it they give not a shit about my innermost thoughts!!) this is a good thing for me!!! 
I've been meaning to blog a few things all day & well I haven't & well I woke up at 7.30 so it's not like I've been sleeping though its now 7pm!! 
Anyway here is a blog I'm not a massive fan of Zygote & you can prob get their stuff around the web but fuck it I have been listening to a lot of Amebix recently (again ... who hasn't?) & well that's sort of led me onto doing a bit of Zygote as well!! 
Anyway Stig is doing some solo work which you can listen to RIGHT HERE it's fucking awesome which reminds me I must buy it now I've a couple of quid finally!! He's put it up so he can hopefully one day make a record. For me it's like a follow on to Sonic Mass which I absolutely fucking love it's acoustic but I think the final songs when properly recorded with have drums etc. 

I'm finally able to put up to date YOUTUBE video's on here !! So the vids are here as well :D 

I really like Stig's vocals very gruff, different & individual I look forward very much to the future release. I have just purchased the songs off bandcamp by the way why don't you so we can make this happen!

Well this is a Zygote blog so here is the downloads for that hope you like it?? 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Absence of Malice

Absence of Malice
The Awakening EP 1985 
That is all!!! 

The OldGuard

Right this is my side project The OldGuard as oppose to SKITVARLD which is my main band!! I got in touch with all the above guys in the photo from left to right Piggy (Pibby/Ian), Yours Truly my good self Agz (Both Vocals) Dave (Drums) & Petch on Guitar & anything that's lying around he will drink!! We've had a fuck up with the bass player (s) so much so we just don't care or get wound up over this shit anymore!! 
We've got people lined up we'll go through them one by one over the next few years or do what we did when we me Piggy & Petch was last together DO WITHOUT!!!

The original idea for this band was more of just having fun & wanting to make music & drink.... it's still that but it's been great to see the comradery developed with the new guy Dave with the rest of the band & the way it's clicked into place which has been great to see. We don't have plans to conquer the world, we don't have plans to tour, we don't have plans to play outside the city of Liverpool!! It's just 4 (or 5) lads making music & having fun!! 

What's the music like Agz you ask well the original idea was to do something like DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Adrenalin OD, you know Thrashy Hardcore & well it's still the idea fast thrashy HC!! But you can just make your own mind up what you think we sound like!! 

This recording is NOT PERFECT it was done in practically one take of each song well 2 at the most!! We was all just mic'ed up & we just played it live, we do plan to record these in a studio in the next few months so this is just as taster & we have 2 more songs lined up before we wanna go into the studio & record!! 

There are two ways to get this recording 
or you can just directly get it from my own personal upload 
If you have a facebook page come & join the page (click on the link in the first line of this blog!) & please feel free to share it about obviously when we record it in the studio this will be gone forever so get it while you can!! 

Thanks so much to Matt from Auralskit who came out the goodness of his heart & done this for free & in his own time.... that's a proper mate cheers brother. 

& for fuck sake don't think this is a serious photo!!
FUCK THAT MACHO NYHC & SxE BOLLOCKS it's a bit of a parody!! 

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Just a quick one from 2011 Japanese Hardcore "GOUM" too busy to say things at the moment (Thank fuck you say!) Just ripping some stuff for your future enjoyment!! 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Various: Ground Zero Hardcore NYC 2013 12 Inch Record

As a follow up to the Sad Boys blog (below) & just to show you the change in the way NYC has come to the forefront of noisy punk it's also a place a lot of top bands (From this genre) are going now so really good gigs/all dayers happening. 
Hey I don't have all the facts about what's going on in NYC but from what I can see it's looking great for like minded people like myself ....again after years of macho fucking NYHC bollocks!! 


A1La MismaSaudade
A2Deformity (5)Silver Spoon Sucker
A3Nomad (24)Nikushimi
A4GoosebumpsI Know I Did It
A5Black Boot (2)The Ladder
A6PutridaNo Es Vivir
A7Anasazi (3)Rest In Piss
B1MurdererHush Baby, Stop Crying
B2Sad BoysNo Friends
B3Bort GangViolent State
B4Crazy SpiritUntitled
B5Perdition (5)Conflagration
B6Dawn Of HumansUntitled
B7Hank Wood And The HammerheadsFive Million Eggs

Sad Boys

The great news is that NYC is back on the map with loads of proper good bands coming out of that fair city! I can almost say American HC rules again after many years of that macho fucking bullshit from a load of those band who are now big stars...... the true underground is back with music & that appeals to my fussy as fuck old ears!! 
SAD BOYS have members from many of these said bands a current fave of mine NOMAD!! Anyway I'm only putting their older stuff (not so old) cause I won't put up new releases cause it's wrong buy them they've only just came out. I wouldn't mind a copy of the Mexico Tour tape if anyone can zip it to me?? 

2 girls 2 boys female fronted with vocals that remind me of The Comes at times. 
I pretty much don't know much more about them