Monday, 17 February 2014

Vitriolic Response

Ok right it's 22nd August 2014 & I've came back on this blog to check the link I was told was broken for Rob's distro & it isn't!! Anyway the band has changed a bit in the past few months, Dee left & they have a new drummer & a new 2nd guitarist (Who I hear thinks 5 pints is a lot to drink.... you're in the wrong band if you think that mate haha) There is a split out with System Shit from Canada available from Rob's distro no doubt & Immanent Destruction for now! & just for the record this blog is Number one in the charts by a mile loads of you have visited this!!! 
Also for the record Rob is also now in Skitvarld my band!!! 

OK so I'm updating this blog & bringing it back to the top of the page cause I've been given permission to upload their début ep "FOLLOW THE HERD" originally in this blog & I quote said  "What the UK hardcore scene has been churning out is beyond boredom bands sounding like shit USA bands, I'm sick of the generic wank about) I still stand by that but when the likes of VR & now my band Skitvärld are trying to bring the more British sound back to hardcore there are a few more coming though again & also the old bands are coming back too it warms the cockles of my heart instead of us having to suffer some bloody awful Madball/Sick of it all clones!!So contact here VITRIOLIC RESPONSE Facebook page or email judaspresley@live.com or ask to join this page DISTRO PAGE/GROUP ASK TO JOIN (ROB THIS IS A LINK TO YOUR DISTRO I'VE JUST CHECKED IT!) where you can still buy this ep (Feb 2014 not many left)

So with members & ex members of Bail bond, Kismet HC, Raised By Drunks, Poudaflesh, Deceleration of War & a few others it makes for a boss sound. 

Having played with these guys a few times & we was supposed to do a tour with them last year I love em all such top lads, I was having a drink with Rob on Saturday just gone cause I was in Manchester & he asked so give me an honest opinion on what you think of VR I said "I don't know what you are, what you are trying to play it's not all out crust it's a bit like Tragedy 
Which is Ironic after what I have just said cause they're American ha..ha!!


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