Monday, 24 February 2014


Old school Finnish hardcore. One of me mates was asking any "new" Finnish bands I can get into so well Gary here is one!! Sweden is once again smashing up Scandinavia for bands & the rest always get left behind a little but Finland is never so far away with it's slightly noisier neighbour!!! Sotatila are a prime example of a band getting round Europe & doing the business! Check out their website above they have stuff available to buy so buy it some sold out of course & some not. 

Sex Dwarf

An absolute pounding racket of a band from the brainchild that bought you Protes Bengt, Bruce Banner & the Filthy Christians that is PerThunell. Sex Dwarf often sound like 2 band's having a music fight in the praccy room with the vocalist keeping it together! It's fucking great!!! Already got a lot of people who know them around the World so if these are new to you 
(Demo and 7 inch)
 it's great that they choose to share their music early unlike a lot of bands who still want to charge on their bandcamp page many many months after everyone has got it from other sources, Yeah obviously wanna get your money back somehow like but once the record is sold out give it for free like Sex Dwarf do 100 extra punk points for that!! They are currently in the studio recording their next release (24/2/14) so be ready for that it will sell out in no time & no doubt be on Bandcamp for free shortly after?

Friday, 21 February 2014

Kalashnikov (Danish Punk Rock)

1980's punk rock from Denmark!! Rare as rocking horse shit!!! 

My apologise to my Danish visitors I had to Anglicize the title's of the songs cause my zipper (J ZIP) wouldn't allow the Danish alphabet! I obviously have a racist laptop or compressor!!! You may know this band from the famous PEACE double album released in the same decade?

"International-PEACE-Benefit-Compilation ???

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Napalm Raid

Crust from Halifax Nova Scotia Canada! Napalm Raid Facebook Doing the round's in Europe this year! 
Clean looking chaps!!! 

Trail Of The World

Split Cassette With Shit System



Now this is the sort of stuff I regard as classic old school crust like the 80's it's progressed to almost a clean metal sound nowadays but Napalm Raid keep it true & real
(In my ear's & eye's) 

Right that'll do for me I can't believe the amount of blogs I've done over the past few days cause well as you can see I've been really lazy over the past 18 months!!! Enjoy please leave me nice little messages spread the word around! I prob won't be doing one tomorrow as I have my little granddaughter round causing mayhem in my house & a wife that will moan if I'm sat on my lappy making blogs!!

Crise Total

There really isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said about these Portuguese Punk Pioneers so I'm really gonna just introduce some of you English speaking guys to a compilation of there's & we'll leave it at that really & send you to there Facebook Page where you can get all the info you need there. I really enjoy their upbeat brand of punk rock pretty much the UK82 speed so give it a go & hunt down their stuff yourself. Download this compilation it's availible for over £20 on Discogs last one went for £37!! Anyway that's it ................ have some Portuguese Punk as Fuck Rock!!! 


Well it's time I gave our room mates we share the "Skitpit" room in our local rehearsal/practice place so here is a heads up for Auralskit formed in March 2013 from the remains that where Abhorrent System. 

They certainly work harder at it than my band do the energy of youth huh haha!! The funny thing is when we decided to do our new band we didn't know that another band had used the word SKIT in their title as well now let me point out at this stage I'm not a fan of our name Skitvärld & origonally we was gonna be called Done to death then bitter old bastards then Bitra Gamla Javlar til we eventually settled with Skitvarld & then low & behold there are 2 SHIT bands (There are literally loads of shit bands here but that is another story & it's me being a cunt!!) in Liverpool (By now you should know SKIT is shit in Swedish!!!) 
So Liverpool went from the boring wanky american hardcore clone bands to 2 lets say crusty (Though I don't think we are) d-beat type bands who just so happened to choose similar names!! 
As we never knew each other it was a massive coincidence when we roped Mik into my band we got to know the other half of the Skits ! Let me introduce Matt vocals & general band bully (haha) his girlfriend Amy the screaming banshee on bass/vocals (She has a great voice by the way) & the quiet lads Christian (Drums) & Kieran (Guitar)  

In this Bandcamp Page you will be able to grab their first 2 demo's in the very near future if you choose to follow them they will be releasing & watch this Desorden Home Page who will be releasing their début ep! 


Please welcome into your life our mates & spread the word


If there was ever a band that was "Marmite" & I thought my old band was then the amount of times I have heard people say ThisClose are fucking shit or I fucking love ThisClose is unbelievable!! I was in the pub with me best mate Piggy yesterday catching up on old times cause since we packed in our "Marmitecore band" we really don't see enough of each other. So I left my house yesterday to someone driving past shouting "Fuck off you fucking weirdo" I hadn't even closed my gate!! I had my dreads in a ponytail a pair of black boots with black pants tucked into them a black hoodie but the killer thing that make's me so fucking weird was the jacket you can see in the pic at the top of the blog! Well I gave them the standard V sign of which I got "Fuck off you weird bastard" at which I replied with a smile your international sign for WANKER at which stage they carried on driving down my road at the standard fast as we can cause this guy is massive & I'm too scared to get out & abuse him to his face! Anyway the point being I was in the pub with Piggy & I have a Thisclose patch right above where my left man boob is!! He said & here we go "I fucking hate them Agz they are shit!" I said "Well I fucking love them they are great!" We had a debate & I said I totally understand why you are saying it is cause RodNey's vocals can take a bit of getting used to & I admit they did me at first in fact I listened fucked it off & went back a month or two later but however they are fantastic in my eyes/ears now it is just whether you can hack the Discharges Grave New World album/era cause well that's what ThisClose sound like. Our guitarist Mik refuses to listen to this Discharge album haha!!  I've gotta say though the musicians are much better by far & Rodney sounds better than Cal!! They rank at the moment in my top 10 bands (Not of all time may I add though) along with Vaginors, Infernoh, Korsfast,The Wankys & a few others regularly blasted on my Ipod & record player! 

I'd love to hear people's opinions below so please say something doesn't take long to log in you just can't do it anonymous I've had dickheads in the past saying stuff that was uncalled for under the anonymous title & you're about as hard as the lads who drove off at high speeds yesterday. If you;re gonna slag a band off do it like a man so we can see you. I don't care what you say everyone can have there own opinion even wankers in 1.2/1.4 tonnes piece of metal on wheels in there standard North Face jacket & training shoes! 

I'm gonna link you to their Bandcamp Page here you can download the Same Title album for free & also buy there latest 7 inch record (for now Feb 2014) I would at this point like to point out to the band an EP is more than 2 songs!! On this page you can find everything their merch, facebook & tumblr links so my work is done here. Go see them do a couple of dates in Leeds & London this year they don't play so much outside Scotland when ya wanna play Liverpool let us know!!! I am hoping to be at the Leeds Gig & what a gig this is!! 

That's it love em or hate them I think Thisclose have earned the right to hold our Marmitecore title!!

By the way this video is a one off sound of Thisclose this song is total GISM worship!! Available on the s/t album which is free to download on bandcamp 

Oh before I finish you can find the stuff off SNED form Flat Earth records here as he used to be the drummer DISCOGS PAGE boss fella buy shit off him!! 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Dutch D Beat/Crust/Hardcore what more isn't to like & that country brew's Oranjeboom super strength beer's for fuck sake & added boss bands it's a place worth going but hey I'm not here as a representative of The Dutch Tourist Board I am her to purely say this gigantic band is worthy or your ears !!! 

My word it's so much easier doing small blogs I used to have massive one's on here sometime they would take me 5/6 hours to do!!! I digress once more visit them here at FACEFUCK or here at MY SPAZZ !



You should be able to buy the vinyl easy enough for these still so just google it they cost like £3 each (Without postage) cheap as fuck!! Anyway noisy punk it is not like in the vein of Vaginors/Wankys like just a pounding fucking racket & a rough growled (not death metal though) vocals argggghhhhhhh !! Have a go it will clear the cob webs away from that hangover!!

Body Count (Not the Ice- T one!!!) 1983

Shit hard to get hold of demo so I thought I'd upload it for you, pretty much can't find it on the interweb well I couldn't a few years ago. Thanks again to my old mate Andy for ripping this for me. I've got my own tape ripper now so I really should start myself!!! !

Old school hardcore as the American HC should have stayed in my humble biased as fuck opinion :D

This is decent quality as well enjoy & share to the world the REAL ONE TRUE BODY COUNT!! 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Face Of Christ

Face Of Christ officially found here at Bandcamp through Ben's label Condate records. These guys are from the North West of England lets just say Chester to round shit off & make it easier. When they play live they put on an astounding energy filled show always. Leon (Vocals) doesn't really give a fuck what you think & tells it how it really is which is unusual in this PC mad "scene" I find him pretty quiet without the mic though (I suspect he isn't though) I know Ben who has played guitar for them but I think he does drums permanently now either way the amount of energy he puts into his performances is quite mesmerising I even told him when he was playing for his other band Colonel Blast at a gig I was playing with my old band how good I thought he was. I think I said along the lines (Fuck me Ben if we was gay I'd suck your cock that was fantastic!) Not my greatest moment in life but seen as he had just shredded his fingers playing at warp speed he deserved to know I thought haha plus I'd been drinking none stop for 2 fucking days or was it 3?? Also Mike on bass (Also Colonel Blast) a thoroughly nice guy to boot as well the pic below is an old piccy but the main guys are in it. 

What do they play?? Proper fucking Angry hardcore I even played em to Andy my mate who is King of punks & he gave them his approval which is about as easy as telling your Mrs that her hair is a mess & she looks a right cunt in the dress she has on!! I've played with these guys a couple of times & I don't mean in the way I've just talked about me & Ben!! They are always at the top of my list to get a gig in Liverpool when I feel the gig is appropriate for them to play hope there will be one coming up soon so I can see em again. 

Give em a go give em a blast see them live give em a gig lets make FOC big!!!! 

Anger Burning

Anger Burning are a band I really like I'd have blasted them on here ages ago but I've waited for all their up to date records to go out of print before I offer the opportunity if you lot being able to listen to them. I've been mates on FB with the singer for quite some time now not quite sure which came first the interaction or the band who cares really. Anger Burning are hardly anything new doesn't take a genius to know where the name came from either they just blast classic old school Discharge/Scandi punk. Become quite the little popular band across Europe & so they should I regard them right up with the likes of Korsfast & Infernoh. They have a new record coming out soon a split with Earth Crust Displacement on Rawmantic Disasters  so watch out for that I will be!! 

BandCamp !! 

There are 2 splits for you to listen one with Discover (Who are ok & play similar stuff) & the last ep they did with Livit Som Insats (Not a fan more grindy than D-Beat/kangpunk) I've not ripped the Cracked Pop Skulls ep yet ( Cracked_Pop_Skulls_7_EP RIPPED HERE NOW!! ) I'll get that up in the future!! A 12 inch "When" & the début Warcharge. 

On a personal note it took me a little longer for me to get into the When 12" than the earlier stuff but I got there in the end, it sounded a little different to me which I suppose is a good thing that a band is moving along. 

All that's left to say is if ya find their stuff buy it & support the band & labels putting this stuff out.

Heavy Nukes

10 songs 10 minutes (ish) may as well be the Shitlickers, but it's from the guys who bring you Anger Burning to be honest I don't know much more about them but I should like I've just never asked Vidar about them!! I'm a fan of Anger Burning as well to be quite honest & why shouldn't I be most of you know how much I love me Scandi!!! This Ep was released a couple of years ago by Rawmantic Disasters Records if ya can't get it their then Discogs are practically giving it away!!! 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Vitriolic Response

Ok right it's 22nd August 2014 & I've came back on this blog to check the link I was told was broken for Rob's distro & it isn't!! Anyway the band has changed a bit in the past few months, Dee left & they have a new drummer & a new 2nd guitarist (Who I hear thinks 5 pints is a lot to drink.... you're in the wrong band if you think that mate haha) There is a split out with System Shit from Canada available from Rob's distro no doubt & Immanent Destruction for now! & just for the record this blog is Number one in the charts by a mile loads of you have visited this!!! 
Also for the record Rob is also now in Skitvarld my band!!! 

OK so I'm updating this blog & bringing it back to the top of the page cause I've been given permission to upload their début ep "FOLLOW THE HERD" originally in this blog & I quote said  "What the UK hardcore scene has been churning out is beyond boredom bands sounding like shit USA bands, I'm sick of the generic wank about) I still stand by that but when the likes of VR & now my band Skitvärld are trying to bring the more British sound back to hardcore there are a few more coming though again & also the old bands are coming back too it warms the cockles of my heart instead of us having to suffer some bloody awful Madball/Sick of it all clones!!So contact here VITRIOLIC RESPONSE Facebook page or email judaspresley@live.com or ask to join this page DISTRO PAGE/GROUP ASK TO JOIN (ROB THIS IS A LINK TO YOUR DISTRO I'VE JUST CHECKED IT!) where you can still buy this ep (Feb 2014 not many left)

So with members & ex members of Bail bond, Kismet HC, Raised By Drunks, Poudaflesh, Deceleration of War & a few others it makes for a boss sound. 

Having played with these guys a few times & we was supposed to do a tour with them last year I love em all such top lads, I was having a drink with Rob on Saturday just gone cause I was in Manchester & he asked so give me an honest opinion on what you think of VR I said "I don't know what you are, what you are trying to play it's not all out crust it's a bit like Tragedy 
Which is Ironic after what I have just said cause they're American ha..ha!!


BLACK CODE (French Crust)

Hailing from Besançon in France these guys are touring endlessly anywhere in Europe coming back to the UK in Spetember to play The Dirty Weekend Festival & cause we're mates with the organisers we've been asked to put them on in Liverpool (GIG 2014) so we are & if you're close come, there will be a gig in Manchester (GIG 2014) as well so make both!! 

I'm not reviewing it that's not what this blog is about & I'm not interested in telling you the in's & out's of each song basically cause I'm not a musician just the entertaining idiot who stands at the front shouting shit at the crowd so my ears just hear music!!! It's pounding in a smiler vein to the last blog I done there are more twiddely metal bits though I reckon & I gotta admit I prefer LETHE to Black Code but never the less it's a decent album well worth getting hold of if you can (that's my pretty copy in the pic above) for those who want to DOWNLOAD IT WELL CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR THEIR BANDCAMP PAGE

Like I say these guys tour Europe all the time so if you live here they won't be more than a few hundred miles away I don't suppose unless you live in Iceland or furthest Russia!!! Maybe Lapland is a place too far??? Who knows ask them they will play!!! 


Sunday, 16 February 2014

LETHE (Greek Crust Punk)

Not normally being one to review albums & I'm not really gonna start now to be quite honest! But a band that's caught my eye recently from an old hunting ground I used to be involved in (well had an affinity for it) back in the late 80's when I almost done a full fanzine on Greece then likes of Industrial Suicide (Sound Pollution) Rotting Christ (The noise one not the metal one it turned into!!) & a fuck loads of other's my addled brain now can't remember as I am typing god damn it!!! (no it's completely fucking gone .... nothing changes with this blog me swearing!)

Anyway this band just rip into 10 really powerful & solid tracks of crust hmmmm I suppose so modern day crust lets say the vocals aren't forced (well they don't sound like) I can't stand forced growling over the top shit pretty much why I can't stand most death metal (or metal for that matter) anymore "GRRRRRRRRR" (oh fuck off) that is each tune is as powerful as the next & I am fully endorsing this cause I can it's my blog!!!

Me new mate Phil from Imminent Destruction Records FACBOOK PAGE & Imminent destruction.bigcartel.com  co released this with a few other labels & well I gotta say it's a wise choice to be involved in I know he has sold out of this album now think I got the last copy!!

Band members are from other prominent Greek bands such as Dala Sun, Fields of Locust, Dirty wombs.


I've really not got much to say really if you like you punk crusty & heavy & loud & none stop well LETHE are your guys. If ya don't well they aren't like I say I'm fucked if I'm gonna start reviewing stuff it's not my thing!

 If the guy's ever come to the UK you have a gig in Liverpool (So long as you don't expect to become millionaires from the door takings !!!) Thanks to Phil O Grady for putting me onto them I've put them onto a few other people & well here are some more ! 


There isn't much I can say about this band that hasn't been said a million times by a shit load of other bloggers so I won't bother just go to their WIKI PAGE to learn all about them who they are. For me on a personnel level this is what American Hardcore was & should have stayed at it's total punk rock it's great!

In anticipation that my new band [who will be on this blog in the next week or so cause we finally done a demo that we like] (Well my awful vocals aren't on it yet so we'll have to see huh!!) we should & hope to be covering BURIED ALIVE track 4 on this download, it's totally made for us so we'll see cause we done Ei Oikutta (Mellakka) which sounded fucking great at first & then after a few weeks just sounded shit!! But I digress!!

Back to the recording unfortunately the end cuts on track 5 but still it's worth having & listening to what America had to offer before it go fucked up with shit like Madball, Youth If Today, Biohazrd & all that other wank that a lot of shit British bands have sadly cloned BADLY !!!

Also thanks for my mate Andy for ripping the tape for me cause I can't find mine!!