Sunday, 16 February 2014


There isn't much I can say about this band that hasn't been said a million times by a shit load of other bloggers so I won't bother just go to their WIKI PAGE to learn all about them who they are. For me on a personnel level this is what American Hardcore was & should have stayed at it's total punk rock it's great!

In anticipation that my new band [who will be on this blog in the next week or so cause we finally done a demo that we like] (Well my awful vocals aren't on it yet so we'll have to see huh!!) we should & hope to be covering BURIED ALIVE track 4 on this download, it's totally made for us so we'll see cause we done Ei Oikutta (Mellakka) which sounded fucking great at first & then after a few weeks just sounded shit!! But I digress!!

Back to the recording unfortunately the end cuts on track 5 but still it's worth having & listening to what America had to offer before it go fucked up with shit like Madball, Youth If Today, Biohazrd & all that other wank that a lot of shit British bands have sadly cloned BADLY !!!

Also thanks for my mate Andy for ripping the tape for me cause I can't find mine!!

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