Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Anger Burning

Anger Burning are a band I really like I'd have blasted them on here ages ago but I've waited for all their up to date records to go out of print before I offer the opportunity if you lot being able to listen to them. I've been mates on FB with the singer for quite some time now not quite sure which came first the interaction or the band who cares really. Anger Burning are hardly anything new doesn't take a genius to know where the name came from either they just blast classic old school Discharge/Scandi punk. Become quite the little popular band across Europe & so they should I regard them right up with the likes of Korsfast & Infernoh. They have a new record coming out soon a split with Earth Crust Displacement on Rawmantic Disasters  so watch out for that I will be!! 

BandCamp !! 

There are 2 splits for you to listen one with Discover (Who are ok & play similar stuff) & the last ep they did with Livit Som Insats (Not a fan more grindy than D-Beat/kangpunk) I've not ripped the Cracked Pop Skulls ep yet ( Cracked_Pop_Skulls_7_EP RIPPED HERE NOW!! ) I'll get that up in the future!! A 12 inch "When" & the début Warcharge. 

On a personal note it took me a little longer for me to get into the When 12" than the earlier stuff but I got there in the end, it sounded a little different to me which I suppose is a good thing that a band is moving along. 

All that's left to say is if ya find their stuff buy it & support the band & labels putting this stuff out.

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