Thursday, 20 February 2014


Well it's time I gave our room mates we share the "Skitpit" room in our local rehearsal/practice place so here is a heads up for Auralskit formed in March 2013 from the remains that where Abhorrent System. 

They certainly work harder at it than my band do the energy of youth huh haha!! The funny thing is when we decided to do our new band we didn't know that another band had used the word SKIT in their title as well now let me point out at this stage I'm not a fan of our name Skitvärld & origonally we was gonna be called Done to death then bitter old bastards then Bitra Gamla Javlar til we eventually settled with Skitvarld & then low & behold there are 2 SHIT bands (There are literally loads of shit bands here but that is another story & it's me being a cunt!!) in Liverpool (By now you should know SKIT is shit in Swedish!!!) 
So Liverpool went from the boring wanky american hardcore clone bands to 2 lets say crusty (Though I don't think we are) d-beat type bands who just so happened to choose similar names!! 
As we never knew each other it was a massive coincidence when we roped Mik into my band we got to know the other half of the Skits ! Let me introduce Matt vocals & general band bully (haha) his girlfriend Amy the screaming banshee on bass/vocals (She has a great voice by the way) & the quiet lads Christian (Drums) & Kieran (Guitar)  

In this Bandcamp Page you will be able to grab their first 2 demo's in the very near future if you choose to follow them they will be releasing & watch this Desorden Home Page who will be releasing their début ep! 


Please welcome into your life our mates & spread the word

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