Monday, 17 February 2014

BLACK CODE (French Crust)

Hailing from Besançon in France these guys are touring endlessly anywhere in Europe coming back to the UK in Spetember to play The Dirty Weekend Festival & cause we're mates with the organisers we've been asked to put them on in Liverpool (GIG 2014) so we are & if you're close come, there will be a gig in Manchester (GIG 2014) as well so make both!! 

I'm not reviewing it that's not what this blog is about & I'm not interested in telling you the in's & out's of each song basically cause I'm not a musician just the entertaining idiot who stands at the front shouting shit at the crowd so my ears just hear music!!! It's pounding in a smiler vein to the last blog I done there are more twiddely metal bits though I reckon & I gotta admit I prefer LETHE to Black Code but never the less it's a decent album well worth getting hold of if you can (that's my pretty copy in the pic above) for those who want to DOWNLOAD IT WELL CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR THEIR BANDCAMP PAGE

Like I say these guys tour Europe all the time so if you live here they won't be more than a few hundred miles away I don't suppose unless you live in Iceland or furthest Russia!!! Maybe Lapland is a place too far??? Who knows ask them they will play!!! 


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