Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Face Of Christ

Face Of Christ officially found here at Bandcamp through Ben's label Condate records. These guys are from the North West of England lets just say Chester to round shit off & make it easier. When they play live they put on an astounding energy filled show always. Leon (Vocals) doesn't really give a fuck what you think & tells it how it really is which is unusual in this PC mad "scene" I find him pretty quiet without the mic though (I suspect he isn't though) I know Ben who has played guitar for them but I think he does drums permanently now either way the amount of energy he puts into his performances is quite mesmerising I even told him when he was playing for his other band Colonel Blast at a gig I was playing with my old band how good I thought he was. I think I said along the lines (Fuck me Ben if we was gay I'd suck your cock that was fantastic!) Not my greatest moment in life but seen as he had just shredded his fingers playing at warp speed he deserved to know I thought haha plus I'd been drinking none stop for 2 fucking days or was it 3?? Also Mike on bass (Also Colonel Blast) a thoroughly nice guy to boot as well the pic below is an old piccy but the main guys are in it. 

What do they play?? Proper fucking Angry hardcore I even played em to Andy my mate who is King of punks & he gave them his approval which is about as easy as telling your Mrs that her hair is a mess & she looks a right cunt in the dress she has on!! I've played with these guys a couple of times & I don't mean in the way I've just talked about me & Ben!! They are always at the top of my list to get a gig in Liverpool when I feel the gig is appropriate for them to play hope there will be one coming up soon so I can see em again. 

Give em a go give em a blast see them live give em a gig lets make FOC big!!!! 

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