Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Have a go of Korsfast a mate of mine said I was like ok!! Didn't know fuck all about them i found a praccy on YOUTUBE of course I can't show you that praccy on here cause the blog link that finds vids off Youtube can't find not one video of this band it's like it's 18 months behind for some reason. Needless to say i was like fuck it's Ake from Mob 47 & some guys from Driller Killer!! I was more intrigued with the drummer though his arms where everywhere !!! Anyway I thought I've gotta get a copy FUCK ME though with postage £16 ahhhhh well bollocks I thought it's too good to not buy so I did & here is my copy !

Hard to Imagine that only 358 people so far have clicked that they like them on Facebook just shows ya no cunt has heard of them & considering my band which ain't released fuck all near enough has the same amount of people interested it often makes you wonder the bullshit that is facbook huh!! The music scene defo needs something better especially as they are always trying to find a way of extorting money from us!! Enough on Facebook though back to this Swedish rock music!! 

Sorry I get sidetracked again cause my giant boxer dog is farting like a space shuttle here arghhhhhhh!!!! 

Anyway I've made this band another of my tell my mates how fucking good they are my good buddy Dave from Under The Surface blogged em a few months back "Dave blog em I said & sent him the MP3's to listen to he was so impressed as well!! Like I say I'd put the YouTube vid on for you to listen to instead I'll add a link EP on Youtube!! & here is the download Huvuden Borde Rulla... 12" got it round to a few other guys I know who would love em now it's time to unleash it on the people who follow my blog!!! 

KORSFAST I NEED MORE SONGS FROM YOU GET BACK IN THE STUDIO!! These are without a doubt my 2nd most fave "new" Scandi band just getting pipped to the post by Infernoh but only just!! Noone beats Mellakka for the undisputed fave Scandi band followed by Mob 47 that's enough bullshit from me go listen to some Korsfast!!!!! 

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