Monday, 24 February 2014

Sex Dwarf

An absolute pounding racket of a band from the brainchild that bought you Protes Bengt, Bruce Banner & the Filthy Christians that is PerThunell. Sex Dwarf often sound like 2 band's having a music fight in the praccy room with the vocalist keeping it together! It's fucking great!!! Already got a lot of people who know them around the World so if these are new to you 
(Demo and 7 inch)
 it's great that they choose to share their music early unlike a lot of bands who still want to charge on their bandcamp page many many months after everyone has got it from other sources, Yeah obviously wanna get your money back somehow like but once the record is sold out give it for free like Sex Dwarf do 100 extra punk points for that!! They are currently in the studio recording their next release (24/2/14) so be ready for that it will sell out in no time & no doubt be on Bandcamp for free shortly after?

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