Thursday, 20 February 2014


If there was ever a band that was "Marmite" & I thought my old band was then the amount of times I have heard people say ThisClose are fucking shit or I fucking love ThisClose is unbelievable!! I was in the pub with me best mate Piggy yesterday catching up on old times cause since we packed in our "Marmitecore band" we really don't see enough of each other. So I left my house yesterday to someone driving past shouting "Fuck off you fucking weirdo" I hadn't even closed my gate!! I had my dreads in a ponytail a pair of black boots with black pants tucked into them a black hoodie but the killer thing that make's me so fucking weird was the jacket you can see in the pic at the top of the blog! Well I gave them the standard V sign of which I got "Fuck off you weird bastard" at which I replied with a smile your international sign for WANKER at which stage they carried on driving down my road at the standard fast as we can cause this guy is massive & I'm too scared to get out & abuse him to his face! Anyway the point being I was in the pub with Piggy & I have a Thisclose patch right above where my left man boob is!! He said & here we go "I fucking hate them Agz they are shit!" I said "Well I fucking love them they are great!" We had a debate & I said I totally understand why you are saying it is cause RodNey's vocals can take a bit of getting used to & I admit they did me at first in fact I listened fucked it off & went back a month or two later but however they are fantastic in my eyes/ears now it is just whether you can hack the Discharges Grave New World album/era cause well that's what ThisClose sound like. Our guitarist Mik refuses to listen to this Discharge album haha!!  I've gotta say though the musicians are much better by far & Rodney sounds better than Cal!! They rank at the moment in my top 10 bands (Not of all time may I add though) along with Vaginors, Infernoh, Korsfast,The Wankys & a few others regularly blasted on my Ipod & record player! 

I'd love to hear people's opinions below so please say something doesn't take long to log in you just can't do it anonymous I've had dickheads in the past saying stuff that was uncalled for under the anonymous title & you're about as hard as the lads who drove off at high speeds yesterday. If you;re gonna slag a band off do it like a man so we can see you. I don't care what you say everyone can have there own opinion even wankers in 1.2/1.4 tonnes piece of metal on wheels in there standard North Face jacket & training shoes! 

I'm gonna link you to their Bandcamp Page here you can download the Same Title album for free & also buy there latest 7 inch record (for now Feb 2014) I would at this point like to point out to the band an EP is more than 2 songs!! On this page you can find everything their merch, facebook & tumblr links so my work is done here. Go see them do a couple of dates in Leeds & London this year they don't play so much outside Scotland when ya wanna play Liverpool let us know!!! I am hoping to be at the Leeds Gig & what a gig this is!! 

That's it love em or hate them I think Thisclose have earned the right to hold our Marmitecore title!!

By the way this video is a one off sound of Thisclose this song is total GISM worship!! Available on the s/t album which is free to download on bandcamp 

Oh before I finish you can find the stuff off SNED form Flat Earth records here as he used to be the drummer DISCOGS PAGE boss fella buy shit off him!! 


  1. Awesome Agz I'm hopefully interviewing these for my blog soon as i asked permission to upload the Cd and they countered with we'd rather you didn't but why not interview us about WHY? (pardon the pun) we don't want our music uploaded, trying to get some questions together but they are intelligent bastards so having to think hard about it! Anyway I like your post but will say the music is more 83 era Discharge (Warning/Price Of silence) but agree 100% that the vocals are right off grave new world! I get the same reaction from folk it's always "The Music is alright but those vocals" or just simply "UGGHHH them vocals" However i think they are a breath of fresh air in a scene populated by bands that all have shouty/gruff singers plus musically they are fucking tight and raging! Great post mate and a great band loving the blog mate! Welcome To....The new wave of the new grave