Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Well lets just say it's been a bloody long time since I last done a blog I obviously got pissed off with all the hard work I had put in only for the lot to be wiped off & well to be honest I ain't had the time or attitude to do any so sorry for that!! But I just felt like doing one for a change so here I am with one of my fave new bands VAGINORS from sunny Oz!! FACEBOOK PAGE Although I am putting up both their record's they are both available on their BANDCAMP PAGE & I'm proper taking a bloody liberty by putting them up for free here when they are still charging less than £3 for Nuclear Papsmear on the bandcamp page so perhaps you should pop over there & support the band, anyway I paid £14 to have it on vinyl!! & another fiver for the Total  Nonsense ep!!

Often described as a cross between the Swankys & Toy Dolls well I pretty much don't get that just cause the vocalist looks like a cross between Captain Sensible & Olga doesn't mean they sound anything like The Toy Dolls!!! But I suppose the vocals have a slight resemblance only total noisepunk!! I also read if you like the Toy Dolls these are for you, they just may well be for you but I assure you they sound fuck all like them!! After all who couldn't love the Toy Dolls?

Like most of these old school Swanky clones the vocals might not be to your liking in which case neither really is the sub genre!! I fucking love them & well on my Last FM page it came up the week before last that my top two bands where Vaginors & Infernoh that basically looked like these where the only 2 bands I had listened too for a week!!


These records are still available in certain parts of the world so if you like em get em!! I know in the UK you can get them in LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS but obviously that's only gonna be for a limited time so by the time you click that link they may be all gone!!

A particular fave track of mine is CRY BABY as with their songs basically a song without any message !! That one being about a baby that drinks it's bottle & shits!!! Genius (No not really!)

That's pretty much it people NOISEPUNK from Australia!! Have it,get it, love it!!!

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