Saturday, 29 March 2014

Godflesh - Bristol Tropic Club 3/11/88 (2 of 2 Godflesh Blogs)

This is the B side of the above picture if by now you haven't realised the other blog is below this one!! The story is there as well so nothing much more to say apart from enjoy.

Godflesh - Live Anti Vivisection Festival 30/04/89 (1 of 2)

Back in the days of heightened tape trading I had a collection to die for it it was so big I couldn't fit the list in envelopes for traders cause the paper wouldn't fold over properly! I had tonnes of shit, stuff from bands that are now rather big & may I add stuff from bands who just made fuck all of themselves!! 
Anyway I traded with people all over the world like many of us did at that time & lets put it one way you was disappointed if a tape didn't arrive on my floor from the postie either first thing in the morning or in the afternoon post (Days when the postal service was much better of course! in them days I slept half the day..... the rigours of a teenager/young adult learning to drink copious amounts of alcohol & masturbating himself to death "X"  amount of times a day & night!!!) 

Anyway I used to write to the bands as well asking for stuff & one such band really appealed to me back in 88/89 after the demise of the fantastic Big Black I needed to hear another band with such power live your head was blown off & you was deaf for days after the gig! Godflesh was such a band.
I wrote to Justin hey you got some stuff I can have? & this is the tape that came back! I never spoke to Justin when I seen them (I don't even remember if I carried on writing to him?) or to many of the bands/band members back then believe it or not I was a pretty quietish person (Honest) when it came to meeting new people!! Unlike now Mr Overconfident/Show off I just didn't hassle people. Whether Justin see's this blog or doesn't have these recordings anymore at least you have now huh? 

Bringing it up to 2014 I just uploaded a crossed over picture of the front & back onto Instagram (Pic at the top of this blog) & a friend of our bass player seen it apparently I'm sure he will turn up here & said something in the region of "Have you seen this?" to Mark who happened to well know me!! (Bursts into "It's a small world after all") I have since then been nudged in the direction of "When are you gonna convert it??? Well here it is!! Enjoy I hope you like it & say thanks at the bottom if you do???? 

I've literally recorded Side A so you can see from the top photo the track listing & extra rehearsal track

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Death Piggy

Well after the hysteria of yesterday's mad "RIP"ing of Dave "Oderus Urungus" Brockie & well lets just say here is one of those cunts  doing a RIP PAGE!  (just to prove my point) jumping on the "I want likes please & I'm soooo cool"

(You can see what I mean  see my RANT HERE)  

I absolutely cringed when I seen the first RIP yesterday (Very early in the morning just as we in the UK waking up or arriving at work as I was) from someone who I assume wasn't that big a fan but felt the need to advertise they knew that Dave Brockie had died after only the rumours of his sad demise less than 30 minutes earlier (I had a look at the news...it wasn't even confirmed!) I really don't know why it bothers me so much but it does. 
I'm not a massive GWAR fan but I was actually saying to my friend Barry who genuinly does love them a few weeks ago I don't listen to enough GWAR! No idea why like cause "I like me thrash I really do" (Old school thrash it's basically my fave sub genre of metal ....FYI)
I funny enough have seen even more today it bothers me when they just write RIP like I said do you honestly think Mr Brockie is the sort of guy who would like to have a bit of peace?? He was a fucking hilarious man who told people they was CUNTS literally did!! You're a cunt & you're a cunt & I fucking hate you cause you're a cunt!! 

After that moan lets get down to the blog DEATH PIGGY was the pre GWAR band made by this funny & clever man which came to an end when the drummer Sean died! I think sometimes I can hear some Dead Kennedys influence but it's even more basic total comedy punk rock! The 3 ep's they made well you can download them at the end of this blog. Remember Dave Brockie in your own way not by being a fucking sheep & writing RIP. 
I'll send a shout to my mate Barry Durrans who is totally gutted about his death. 

The Joyce McKinney Experience

This band I seen a few times back when I was a young adult!!!! In general it's not my thing but they was a bit different of course 2 girl vocals which complimented each other very well. The catchy tunes of this melodic hardcore made it appealing enough for something different to listening to rather than Madonna or Belinda Carlisle at the time!! Coming from Lem Spa this small/medium size town also producing the similery veined Visions of Change (Ex Depraved) & it's at about this time I am gonna link you up where you can buy all the above bands (Except the pop godessess!) for a mere £6 plus P&P BOSS TUNEAGE FOR J McK cd you can also find the VOC?Depraved discography their as well but i'll prob do another blog of them one day so I won't link that up just not but hey you've managed to get here you can managed to find that all by yourself!!! 

You can find a lot more on the double CD so just buy & support this old school label seriously £6 for a double CD well worth it!!

Monday, 24 March 2014


Mellakka Mellakka Mellakka Mellakka Mellakka BLOODY ....Mellakka 

This is my fave Scandi band of all time there is noone who even comes close to this band & it's short lived 2 ep's of releases!! I'm just putting the RIP recordings album up cause well they're both on that & well if you don't own these songs in any format you're not hardcore!! I'd love to know what the guys in this band think or are doing nowadays? I don't think any of them went on to do anything else of note did they?? Well certainly nothing that topped the first EP that for me is how high the bar goes for Scandi punk & we tried to do it with my band Ei Oikeutta was the song we tried I've gotta say I thought we had cracked it! In fact we did do for a while & then for some reason it just fell apart!! When we played it live It probabley didn't help that I was fake masturbating I was doing this as a way of respect for the song ..... honest I fucking love this song so much haha!! Hey what can I say if Mellakka gets me off it's gotta be done even if I am 45 & it doesn't work as well ;) Anyway after a few times doing it live we dropped it maybe one day again but in all honestly most people watching us didn't realsie what the fuck who we was doing a cover of & our Finnish was fucking crap wasn't even Finglish!!!! 

 Here's a link to the store BUY STUFF HERE!!! 

Snobb Slakt (Snobbslakt)

Another old school Scandi punk band short lived in the early 80's one of me mate's fave's so this is for you Scandi-Andy!! 

That's Andy in the currant picture at the top of the blog yes I am holding his hand can you see the "What the fuck are you doing look on his face!" hahahaha!! 

I'd also like to say the basics of how simple these recordings are you could often think wow that's shit cause we strive to make things sound perfect now something my band is very guilty of!!! Bring back those times!!! 


Time for a proper old school Swedish punk as fuck blog innit I need to do a few more in fact I'm uppin Mellakka again for about the 4th fucking time in a few mins after me dinner (or tea as we call it at this time of day in Merseyside!!) I'm not even gonna say fuck all about them the past blah blah blaj this sort of was the original idea to strip down & do something so basic & I think if you've watched HOMAGE video somewhere on this page you can see the obvious old Scandi/Shitlickers influence?? If not well we failed then ........................................haha!!  


Jonah Falco's solo project WHO! Jonah from Fucked Up & Career Suicide. It's old school North American hardcore & proper boss!!! Doesn't seem to have done much to push this project but well lets face it he really is busy enough with the two top bands he's in!!! 

I met him at a fucked up gig back in 2010 & was a bit pissed so I prob bored the fuck out of him (So sorry if you're reading this!!!) I really wanted to tell him how much I enjoyed the demo's & I really haven't got a clue what the fuck I said after that. Well that was 4 years ago, I've been stopped by one or two drunken bastards after I've played it's on the whole unpleasant but you have to remain nice even though they are talking fucking shite! ...............& here is the really bad photo of me with a massive amount of curly hair & this is also really the main reason I have dreadlocks cause I look an absolute fucking kip & a cunt too haha!!!! 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Japan Thrash Revolution

I've blogged this before & it came to me it needs doing again as I was listening to it on me Ipod on the way home from work 41 tracks of pounding Japanese Hardcore from start to finish!! 

I pretty much can't be arsed mentioning all the bands on it so I've copy & pasted the track list off Discogs cause I'm a lazy twat!! Anyway what more can I say DOWNLOAD HERE 


Peace Of Mind
Fuck The Rainbow
Drastic Urban State
Answer Is Itself
Identity War
Milk Attack
Personal Idea!
Hold Out
Way To Lose
Are You All Know?
Nerd Core
Talking About Motty Brothers
5 Bloody Songs
5 Bloody Songs
5 Bloody Songs
5 Bloody Songs
5 Bloody Songs
Sink About Death
I Don't Know
Pink Dance
Just Evil Fiction
Voice, Ear
Drive To Hell
Break The Fun
Bunny Hop Terrorist Strikes Back
Truth & Generalization
Empty Air
Who Shot John (Moone Shine)
Necrophilia, Unnecrophilia
Sweep Aside
Bloody Roots
Say No!
Fuck Technology, I'll Keep My Pocket Change
Written-By – Charles Bronson
Life In Fear

Monday, 17 March 2014

RANT #!1 .......... RIP (Rest In Peace) I HATE THIS !!!

It’s a sad time when people die (well almost everybody) but I always find that on Facebook there is always someone who wants to be the first to say “RIP” as fast as they can no matter who they are. It’s so ghoulish/self centred/insincere as well in my opinion I cringe when I realise that someone has died cause the inevitable tide of “jump on the bandwagon crappy tributes” ensue. RIP RIP RIP RIP did I mention RIP?? The worst is when they set up a tribute page so they can get LIKES “Oh please join my page” “Oh look I got 30,000 wankers to like my page aren’t I good?”  

Take when Phil Everly died of the Everly Brothers (Of course) I couldn’t believe the amount of people who jumped on the band wagon saying RIP!  Now I don’t doubt that the odd person is genuine but you know what? Try name half a dozen songs by them I bet ya can’t maybe you know some of their songs from hearing the music but would you know it’s them?? For the record Bye bye love/Wake up little Susie/Cathys clown blah blah blah!!! Now I don’t doubt some of their parents may have listened to these guys but doesn’t mean that you have to say something for fuck sake!

Everly Brothers
Not just rock stars but movie stars take for instance the Paul Walker death I bet loads of people went WHO?? "who the fuck was he? “Oh that guy oh I know the one who played the cop in Fast & the Furious ...oh yeah” you get my drift? It is defo this culture of wanting to go “Look I spotted this first how good am I?” You’re not you’re a CUNT!!

It really brings me to my point of why I am writing this blog today. Scott Asheton (of the Stooges/Iggy & The Stooges) died late Saturday night to join his brother Ron sadly & well I got to notice this on the Iggy/Stooges page (18 mins after Iggy posted it I’m super cool aren’t I for spotting it before any of my mates did!!) cause Mr Osterberg himself had wrote a tribute which he had every right to do. So the usual “RIP” I can’t think of something better to say bollocks ensued! Low & behold funny enough I never seen anything happen that night mainly prob cause I was asleep by 9.30 (getting old now)!!! But I woke up to the fucking parasitic bastards jumping on the RIP bandwagon this morning & forever more through this fucking day! (I shouldn’t really say this a couple of them I like haha)

So this time (late afternoon) I decided to just upload pictures of my Stooges stuff on Instagram because I thought fuck it you know what I never done it for Lou Reed or Ray Manzarek or for that matter Ron Asheton & anyone else who I have had an REAL fondness of & I wanted to without the inevitable Rest in Peace shite! The Lou Reed death particularly hurt me it really did I was pretty gutted not enough to cry mind cause well he wasn’t my fucking mate! I’ve been a Lou Reed fan for a long long time & was a mad Velvet Undergorund fan in my teen years & I mean mad I loved them, I had murals of the Andy Warhol “banana” & the Squeeze album (Even though that’s not a Lou Reed album the cover is boss though) painted on my wall not to mention pictures of them all photocopied & blu tacked posters along with a tonne of other bands/shit! (Not actual poo by the way!!)

Rest in Peace ............ what the fuck on earth does that mean seriously?? Who on this or any other plane of existence would want to be bored shitless resting in bloody peace, NOT FUCKING ME!! For a start I’m an atheist & I’m just gonna be dust when I’m dead somewhere that my family doesn’t feel the need to come & look at some stone with my name on FUCK THAT!! Chuck the ashes in the bin I’m dead I don’t care!!! But on the off chance I am wrong do I wanna rest in peace!! Do you??? No way I wanna be pissing it up every night listening to these dead rockstars play some top tunes with me in the middle singing with them taking drugs & having a blast!!

Listen all I’m saying is try not to be a sheep maybe put a YouTube video up ...don’t say RIP, tell a story why you done it & be done!! Or better still if you couldn’t give a fuck & we can all tell you don’t .......... say nothing!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING honest it’s not the law you don’t have to pretend you liked this person just because you knew of them or cause you seen the first sheep say RIP.

PS Yes I am a miserable twat!! 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Slut Machine

Pretty girls from Italy making some boss noise WHO you may say other's may not!! Everyone I've played these too have gone wow that's good, so now it's time for me to tell the world & not just my mates!!I'm waiting for them to release more cause I can't find fuck all else other than what I've uploaded for you here!! Makes a change to find a band as slow as mine at putting stuff out!!

I know they went through a line up change last year I can't remember much at who left & who got replaced if I had to guess I think it was the singer so the vocals will have changed a bit (I should not be lazy & check huh!!) I did to a fashion!! Yeah It was the vocalist.They have done quite a few shows even in my country here (I need to get them to play Liverpool one day!!)

Fast thrashy punky hardcore it's a total winner & beautiful girls to go with it!! I don't think you can ask for much more in punk rock!! It makes a change from sweaty dirty blokes!!!


Hard to get hold of CD compilation of their Demo, Sapporo Punk Omnibus 1986 & Live tracks I gotta be honest I know fuck all about them only they are Japanese!!! 

Lotus Fucker

Doctors, Dentist, Assholes, Lying cunts, Job interviews, Let downs, Work, Gig with the band, Drunk on cheap cider/half still pissed in work next day that's to mention some of the bollocks I've done this week since last Saturday which was a right cunt of a day.life's a right bag of crap sometimes innit & today trying to chill out I've a fucking big pain in the base of my spine!! Here I am still alive, blogging an old fave band of mine LOTUS FUCKER I did have this on the blog many moons ago but as some may know I had the files wiped. It's time to re-do! I'm not putting their new split with Exithippies on you can hunt that fucker down & buy it!! 

Now I've had a moan which some of my mate's will say I'm good at. Let's get on with these noisy bastards from the mighty US of A they play a barrage & cacophony of bloody noise!! Not your average SxE band (Lets' not get into what I think of that bollocks) vegans all the same (now I do agree with that!!) In the vein of some old fave's of mine, Chaos CH, The Wankys, Vaginors shit like that!! Smash this out for your selves perhaps turn a chainsaw on in your house to make the sound even noisier (Nothing much else can make it louder!!) 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I like this band pretty fucking obvious really cause I wouldn't put shit on my blog!! Hailing from the Basque Country one of my favourite places in the World & favourite people too & damn good a D Beating they are! 

My only problem is cheesy songs about fucking war but hey I still love it!! One thing I don't write about in my band cause it's a D Beat cliche in fact so much so I wrote a song about this particular cliche annoying me & well when you add the word DIS & furtherly add the word of WAR this lacks a shit load of originality in thought! However this doesn't really impact upon the music & vocals though they are spot on & fuck it you certainly know what you're getting in this sub genre!! My personal advice would be think of other things to write about? But hey who the fuck am I my bands name translates to Shit World!! 

Anyhooo  Facebook page is here make sure you have your translate button on though cause they mainly speak Spanish (Maybe Basque as well?) Sing in English though if that helps!!! BANDCAMP GET FREE MP3'S HERE No need for me to upload any music you can get it in bandcamp for free! New album coming soon so watch out for that. 

Pretty much it get on them they are a complete homage to D beat/Anti War if you can stand the unoriginality then you should like them! It's a thumbs up for the band from me by the way just the name isn't the most clever & there are plenty of other things to sing about!!! Sorry to be a negative cunt!!!