Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Death Piggy

Well after the hysteria of yesterday's mad "RIP"ing of Dave "Oderus Urungus" Brockie & well lets just say here is one of those cunts  doing a RIP PAGE!  (just to prove my point) jumping on the "I want likes please & I'm soooo cool"

(You can see what I mean  see my RANT HERE)  

I absolutely cringed when I seen the first RIP yesterday (Very early in the morning just as we in the UK waking up or arriving at work as I was) from someone who I assume wasn't that big a fan but felt the need to advertise they knew that Dave Brockie had died after only the rumours of his sad demise less than 30 minutes earlier (I had a look at the news...it wasn't even confirmed!) I really don't know why it bothers me so much but it does. 
I'm not a massive GWAR fan but I was actually saying to my friend Barry who genuinly does love them a few weeks ago I don't listen to enough GWAR! No idea why like cause "I like me thrash I really do" (Old school thrash it's basically my fave sub genre of metal ....FYI)
I funny enough have seen even more today it bothers me when they just write RIP like I said do you honestly think Mr Brockie is the sort of guy who would like to have a bit of peace?? He was a fucking hilarious man who told people they was CUNTS literally did!! You're a cunt & you're a cunt & I fucking hate you cause you're a cunt!! 

After that moan lets get down to the blog DEATH PIGGY was the pre GWAR band made by this funny & clever man which came to an end when the drummer Sean died! I think sometimes I can hear some Dead Kennedys influence but it's even more basic total comedy punk rock! The 3 ep's they made well you can download them at the end of this blog. Remember Dave Brockie in your own way not by being a fucking sheep & writing RIP. 
I'll send a shout to my mate Barry Durrans who is totally gutted about his death. 

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  1. Cheers Agz! I'm not even looking at RIP pages, cos they're just made by cunts