Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I like this band pretty fucking obvious really cause I wouldn't put shit on my blog!! Hailing from the Basque Country one of my favourite places in the World & favourite people too & damn good a D Beating they are! 

My only problem is cheesy songs about fucking war but hey I still love it!! One thing I don't write about in my band cause it's a D Beat cliche in fact so much so I wrote a song about this particular cliche annoying me & well when you add the word DIS & furtherly add the word of WAR this lacks a shit load of originality in thought! However this doesn't really impact upon the music & vocals though they are spot on & fuck it you certainly know what you're getting in this sub genre!! My personal advice would be think of other things to write about? But hey who the fuck am I my bands name translates to Shit World!! 

Anyhooo  Facebook page is here make sure you have your translate button on though cause they mainly speak Spanish (Maybe Basque as well?) Sing in English though if that helps!!! BANDCAMP GET FREE MP3'S HERE No need for me to upload any music you can get it in bandcamp for free! New album coming soon so watch out for that. 

Pretty much it get on them they are a complete homage to D beat/Anti War if you can stand the unoriginality then you should like them! It's a thumbs up for the band from me by the way just the name isn't the most clever & there are plenty of other things to sing about!!! Sorry to be a negative cunt!!! 


  1. Went to a gig where Diswar played as well but refused to go see them, being bored with bands using stupid names, the Discharge fond and war victim picture on the record sleeve. Sounds more like people using punk for a hobby than an outlet for their anger & frustration.
    Maybe I'm getting too old for this :)
    You CAN use the D-beat template and do great things with it!

    1. Yes mate I totally get what you are saying Like I say here is the lyrics I wrote when I seen a certain D Beat band still writing songs about the bombs dropped in Japan 70 years ago!

      Drop another bomb on the map of Japan
      Boring like the EDL moaning about the Quran
      Just another D-Beat song that has flopped
      If Hiroshima has one more bomb dropped

      CH BOTH..................
      Writing about the same fucking catastrophe
      More subjects available it isn’t blasphemy
      Think of something new to sing about
      Better things to shout now belt it out

      Nagasaki it happened there as well!
      Innocent lives but not military personnel
      It’s been said a thousand ways before
      Don’t you just think you’re becoming a bore?


      The thing is this band are pretty decent it's just a bit cheesy to go down this road. It's hard to be dead original but a little more thought as you say can be done.