Saturday, 29 March 2014

Godflesh - Live Anti Vivisection Festival 30/04/89 (1 of 2)

Back in the days of heightened tape trading I had a collection to die for it it was so big I couldn't fit the list in envelopes for traders cause the paper wouldn't fold over properly! I had tonnes of shit, stuff from bands that are now rather big & may I add stuff from bands who just made fuck all of themselves!! 
Anyway I traded with people all over the world like many of us did at that time & lets put it one way you was disappointed if a tape didn't arrive on my floor from the postie either first thing in the morning or in the afternoon post (Days when the postal service was much better of course! in them days I slept half the day..... the rigours of a teenager/young adult learning to drink copious amounts of alcohol & masturbating himself to death "X"  amount of times a day & night!!!) 

Anyway I used to write to the bands as well asking for stuff & one such band really appealed to me back in 88/89 after the demise of the fantastic Big Black I needed to hear another band with such power live your head was blown off & you was deaf for days after the gig! Godflesh was such a band.
I wrote to Justin hey you got some stuff I can have? & this is the tape that came back! I never spoke to Justin when I seen them (I don't even remember if I carried on writing to him?) or to many of the bands/band members back then believe it or not I was a pretty quietish person (Honest) when it came to meeting new people!! Unlike now Mr Overconfident/Show off I just didn't hassle people. Whether Justin see's this blog or doesn't have these recordings anymore at least you have now huh? 

Bringing it up to 2014 I just uploaded a crossed over picture of the front & back onto Instagram (Pic at the top of this blog) & a friend of our bass player seen it apparently I'm sure he will turn up here & said something in the region of "Have you seen this?" to Mark who happened to well know me!! (Bursts into "It's a small world after all") I have since then been nudged in the direction of "When are you gonna convert it??? Well here it is!! Enjoy I hope you like it & say thanks at the bottom if you do???? 

I've literally recorded Side A so you can see from the top photo the track listing & extra rehearsal track


  1. Hell yes! Cheers man! Is there a Pt2? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Above this blog another live or go to where it says Godflesh click on the link

  2. Hell yes!! Cheers man! Thanks for sharing! Is there a Pt2?? Great piece of Godflesh history!

  3. Thanks for this , been looking for stuff by Godflesh and came across your blog . Gonna check it out more .