Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lotus Fucker

Doctors, Dentist, Assholes, Lying cunts, Job interviews, Let downs, Work, Gig with the band, Drunk on cheap cider/half still pissed in work next day that's to mention some of the bollocks I've done this week since last Saturday which was a right cunt of a day.life's a right bag of crap sometimes innit & today trying to chill out I've a fucking big pain in the base of my spine!! Here I am still alive, blogging an old fave band of mine LOTUS FUCKER I did have this on the blog many moons ago but as some may know I had the files wiped. It's time to re-do! I'm not putting their new split with Exithippies on you can hunt that fucker down & buy it!! 

Now I've had a moan which some of my mate's will say I'm good at. Let's get on with these noisy bastards from the mighty US of A they play a barrage & cacophony of bloody noise!! Not your average SxE band (Lets' not get into what I think of that bollocks) vegans all the same (now I do agree with that!!) In the vein of some old fave's of mine, Chaos CH, The Wankys, Vaginors shit like that!! Smash this out for your selves perhaps turn a chainsaw on in your house to make the sound even noisier (Nothing much else can make it louder!!) 

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