Monday, 24 March 2014


Mellakka Mellakka Mellakka Mellakka Mellakka BLOODY ....Mellakka 

This is my fave Scandi band of all time there is noone who even comes close to this band & it's short lived 2 ep's of releases!! I'm just putting the RIP recordings album up cause well they're both on that & well if you don't own these songs in any format you're not hardcore!! I'd love to know what the guys in this band think or are doing nowadays? I don't think any of them went on to do anything else of note did they?? Well certainly nothing that topped the first EP that for me is how high the bar goes for Scandi punk & we tried to do it with my band Ei Oikeutta was the song we tried I've gotta say I thought we had cracked it! In fact we did do for a while & then for some reason it just fell apart!! When we played it live It probabley didn't help that I was fake masturbating I was doing this as a way of respect for the song ..... honest I fucking love this song so much haha!! Hey what can I say if Mellakka gets me off it's gotta be done even if I am 45 & it doesn't work as well ;) Anyway after a few times doing it live we dropped it maybe one day again but in all honestly most people watching us didn't realsie what the fuck who we was doing a cover of & our Finnish was fucking crap wasn't even Finglish!!!! 

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