Monday, 17 March 2014

RANT #!1 .......... RIP (Rest In Peace) I HATE THIS !!!

It’s a sad time when people die (well almost everybody) but I always find that on Facebook there is always someone who wants to be the first to say “RIP” as fast as they can no matter who they are. It’s so ghoulish/self centred/insincere as well in my opinion I cringe when I realise that someone has died cause the inevitable tide of “jump on the bandwagon crappy tributes” ensue. RIP RIP RIP RIP did I mention RIP?? The worst is when they set up a tribute page so they can get LIKES “Oh please join my page” “Oh look I got 30,000 wankers to like my page aren’t I good?”  

Take when Phil Everly died of the Everly Brothers (Of course) I couldn’t believe the amount of people who jumped on the band wagon saying RIP!  Now I don’t doubt that the odd person is genuine but you know what? Try name half a dozen songs by them I bet ya can’t maybe you know some of their songs from hearing the music but would you know it’s them?? For the record Bye bye love/Wake up little Susie/Cathys clown blah blah blah!!! Now I don’t doubt some of their parents may have listened to these guys but doesn’t mean that you have to say something for fuck sake!

Everly Brothers
Not just rock stars but movie stars take for instance the Paul Walker death I bet loads of people went WHO?? "who the fuck was he? “Oh that guy oh I know the one who played the cop in Fast & the Furious ...oh yeah” you get my drift? It is defo this culture of wanting to go “Look I spotted this first how good am I?” You’re not you’re a CUNT!!

It really brings me to my point of why I am writing this blog today. Scott Asheton (of the Stooges/Iggy & The Stooges) died late Saturday night to join his brother Ron sadly & well I got to notice this on the Iggy/Stooges page (18 mins after Iggy posted it I’m super cool aren’t I for spotting it before any of my mates did!!) cause Mr Osterberg himself had wrote a tribute which he had every right to do. So the usual “RIP” I can’t think of something better to say bollocks ensued! Low & behold funny enough I never seen anything happen that night mainly prob cause I was asleep by 9.30 (getting old now)!!! But I woke up to the fucking parasitic bastards jumping on the RIP bandwagon this morning & forever more through this fucking day! (I shouldn’t really say this a couple of them I like haha)

So this time (late afternoon) I decided to just upload pictures of my Stooges stuff on Instagram because I thought fuck it you know what I never done it for Lou Reed or Ray Manzarek or for that matter Ron Asheton & anyone else who I have had an REAL fondness of & I wanted to without the inevitable Rest in Peace shite! The Lou Reed death particularly hurt me it really did I was pretty gutted not enough to cry mind cause well he wasn’t my fucking mate! I’ve been a Lou Reed fan for a long long time & was a mad Velvet Undergorund fan in my teen years & I mean mad I loved them, I had murals of the Andy Warhol “banana” & the Squeeze album (Even though that’s not a Lou Reed album the cover is boss though) painted on my wall not to mention pictures of them all photocopied & blu tacked posters along with a tonne of other bands/shit! (Not actual poo by the way!!)

Rest in Peace ............ what the fuck on earth does that mean seriously?? Who on this or any other plane of existence would want to be bored shitless resting in bloody peace, NOT FUCKING ME!! For a start I’m an atheist & I’m just gonna be dust when I’m dead somewhere that my family doesn’t feel the need to come & look at some stone with my name on FUCK THAT!! Chuck the ashes in the bin I’m dead I don’t care!!! But on the off chance I am wrong do I wanna rest in peace!! Do you??? No way I wanna be pissing it up every night listening to these dead rockstars play some top tunes with me in the middle singing with them taking drugs & having a blast!!

Listen all I’m saying is try not to be a sheep maybe put a YouTube video up ...don’t say RIP, tell a story why you done it & be done!! Or better still if you couldn’t give a fuck & we can all tell you don’t .......... say nothing!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING honest it’s not the law you don’t have to pretend you liked this person just because you knew of them or cause you seen the first sheep say RIP.

PS Yes I am a miserable twat!! 


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    1. Why thank you I was expecting some people to call me a miserable bastard!!! Maybe that will come?

  2. This is especially repulsive when someone dies and some entertainment TV show "shares" the twitter posts of all the other nitwit celebrities who were supposedly best friends with the dead person: "(insert name), you are so talented ,You will be missed....etc."
    You?? YOU??? So-and-so is dead, they are not reading fucking twitter!!

    1. Good point Frank. "I met him once & well he was so nice!" blah fucking blah!!