Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Joyce McKinney Experience

This band I seen a few times back when I was a young adult!!!! In general it's not my thing but they was a bit different of course 2 girl vocals which complimented each other very well. The catchy tunes of this melodic hardcore made it appealing enough for something different to listening to rather than Madonna or Belinda Carlisle at the time!! Coming from Lem Spa this small/medium size town also producing the similery veined Visions of Change (Ex Depraved) & it's at about this time I am gonna link you up where you can buy all the above bands (Except the pop godessess!) for a mere £6 plus P&P BOSS TUNEAGE FOR J McK cd you can also find the VOC?Depraved discography their as well but i'll prob do another blog of them one day so I won't link that up just not but hey you've managed to get here you can managed to find that all by yourself!!! 

You can find a lot more on the double CD so just buy & support this old school label seriously £6 for a double CD well worth it!!

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