Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Global Parasite

First heard of them when our drummer told us he couldn't make a tour we had planned which in the end we pulled out of & Dave (I think it was Dave?) said I'll drum for you so we was about to go ahead with that & his first love obviously  GP had a gig booked right in the middle of the tour so it was at that stage we fucked it off ourselves (ironically that gig got cancelled at which time it was too late!!) 

Anyway enough waffle!! The good news for me is I don't have to upload everything because it's all here abviailble for you to download for free & also buy a CD or two as I have but hmmmm I paid £6 each for mine something not right there localish distributor friend!! 

Everything you could want about them is here so no need for my incessant chatter just go here & click on the banner which take you to a link to but stuff etc etc 

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