Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Jeffrey Uppercut

I basically have had a bit of a barny with the drummer of this band (nothing new from me!) & vowed I wouldn't help them anymore little did they know I've been trying to lets say smooth out their less than squeaky clean image due to Azzy's unfortunate ex past which is very often NEVER forgiven & very often brought up! (How long do people have to pay for their mistakes?) This could end up in a rather large blog!! But lets not tar the brush of the whole band cause this lad couldn't stand a bit of criticism. (Which I know I done nicely & still have the transcript off further private messages)
I for one have recently found out that SOME people think I am a Nazi (TO MY FUCKING SURPRISE!) because wait for it my best mate who I hadn't seen from 1992 to 2009 got sucked into that bollocks for a wee bit whilst I wasn't even hanging round with him!! I know ludicrous as it sounds...................... I GOT TARRED!!!!

Let's start at the beginning I got introduced to these from a mate (Another one I feel let down by .... but that's another story) & said ask em if they wanna play a charity do we was putting on (At that point I asked about the politics of the band of course never be to careful) they played we all got on swimmingly, they also made a lot of new friends at this gig it was a fantastic performance especially for a first gig. Also the fact that the vocalist was pure shitting bricks, I said to him "you're gonna love the buzz when it's over it will be ok" he did!! 

The one thing I personally thought was they was over charging people for the merch which at the time was just a t shirt (maybe a patch too??)  this recording although done wasn't ready!! 
The t-shirts well they was £10!  Never the less they did sell quite a few!
It's just I have personally always been of the don't over charge people in this scene. I mean look at DOOM 25 odd years on & still charging as small amount as they can. The upcoming THISCLOSE another band who aren't charging over the odd's especially when you can pick up their 7 inches for less than £4.   

Now fast forward to my fall out & don't get me wrong I just tell people how it is (some people don't like this in me, others are just fucking gobshite's & talk about you behind your backs) they are young lads who I like & I'm only trying to give a bit of this 45 year old's wisdom & although I had said to Andy & Azzy send us the MP3's I'm not paying that price I never really made a big deal of it untill I seen the cost of the new record! I don't know everything (I lie I do ....haha) but one thing I do know is they are over charging for stuff. Oh yeah I got the "that's ok" & I was told "nothing wrong with them prices" etc but hey close friends are full of shit. I just tell you how it is & I thought I done it in a nice way until the end when I was being a funny cunt cause I got unfriended & he came out with some lame excuse why instead of saying "Well I didn't like you being honest"  

But lets get onto the music & come back to this unfortunate incident THE JEFFREY UPPERCUT are proper fucking angry hardcore punk like very early (before Rodger changed his voice into that whiny pile of shit it is now & has been since after the first ep & album) "Agnostic Front" dead powerful & come's across really well live I mean really well it's pretty WOW I can't praise the stage performance enough it's very powerful. It don't come across anywhere near on the records.

Now my gripe with the lads is as you can see is the cost of their merch & I know none of us want to lose money but sadly we do! So it started off where the as you can see PRE ORDER Bandcamp is here & I was like £6 you're at least a quid over charging & Craig (Guitar) explained they are losing money on it cause they will be giving away a CD with it as well but charging for the cost of the records & adding the cost of the recording/mastering etc where do you stop cost of rehearsing the songs? cost of the equipment?? new strings, new drum skins & so on. 
This isn't something I haven't already said to the lads themselves so I'm not being a bellend here I am mealy stating a fact that on the whole hardcore punk records from an unknown band (even known bands!) sell for on average £4-£4.50 (max £5) Having sent em links to well know distro's (yes I know bands do sell for over £6 most don't though & my thing is get the name round) It's all I am saying there is no way I would ever charge over the odd's for anything I have any control of & everyone knows that who has been in any band with me & said "Agz another 50p or another quid it's too cheap" Even our recent t shirts we got done I charged a fiver & everyone was like what seriously a fiver!! 

So lets get the shit out the way about Azzy yes he has hung around with the wrong crowd in the past but this does not mean that any of the other lads deserve to be tarred with the same brush & Azzy is not political now in any way! (Sometimes you don't do yourself any favours though my friend haha) 
Sadly he has to keep saying this over & over again & the good thing is they did turn down a gig with some WANK Blood & honour bollocks band I won't even mention on my blog. 
I sadly won't be playing with em again though cause I can't be arsed with whiny fucking hipsters who can't take a small point I have more than made here. 
Anyway good luck Andy, Craig & Azzy 
(did I miss someone out? just being a childish cunt here) 

Anyway 7" is available soon follow the bandcamp page it's £6 
(Not including P&P!!) 

All I can say on a personal level to you lads try keep the prices down. Everything t shirts, patches,cd & now vinyl have been too much maybe you're using the wrong suppliers or some cunt is ripping you off. 

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