Sunday, 29 June 2014


Completely not punk in the true sense of the word but totally avant-garde IMO but I'll give em the Post Punk label as well (Not a big fan of that word to be honest!!) In all honesty I'm a Sugacubes fan & was a huge fan of Bjork during those years & her very early solo years what a beautiful woman with an astounding voice I just totally adored. I don't even know why I've put them on this blog but I've done it before so here they are again FUCK IT!!! 
Read about em HERE...Wiki nothing more to say from me really!


Electric Deads

Proper old school punk/hardcore from Denmark the 2nd Danish band on the blog currently after Kalashnikov! Female fronted as well!! From 1981 to 1984 prob before most of ya was born!!! I may even get approval from Eric Kelller here??? Though we shall see? Anyway quick blog give em a blast their records are proper expensive to obtain now so if you have em you have a little gold mine!!

Mind Bomb 1983

(Apologies for some reason I have this as ORDER ep it's just the same title don't know why I done that just chnage the name of the album in your file!!)

Ok that's about it 
Facebook Page is here (Maybe fan run?) above pictures generally robbed from that page as well!!


Boss band these from Portugal crust n grind!! You can still buy their stuff so try get hold of it Simbiose Merch Page I hope they don't mind me sharing there music?? 
Anyway been going for quite some years now & Jan from Agathocles put me onto them a few years back. It's not full on grind but it is certainly in that direction. Like a speeded up crust on a lot of it!! In fact they describe themselves as Punk/Metal/Crust so fuck all to do with Grind haha! FACEBOOK 
I'm not a fan of full of grind bar the old school stuff so it's punk as fuck to me hence it's here!! Enjoy!! 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Ana Barata

Was just thinking I'll blog Ana Barata & low & behold they have a bandcamp page so that saved me some time!! Swedish punk from the mid to late 2000's however the fuck you say that not the naughties I hate that!!

They call themselves crust (In the description) but I don't see that it's a genre I think gets overused especially now with people who just add it to their list of genre's to add to some shitty band they are in!!
My band gets tagged with it often enough & well maybe we are a bit like but I wouldn't say so just cause a few of us have dreadlocks & look a bit crusty!!!
Even with that though we still have more rights than some bands who label themselves as such!! (SORRY I RANT!!!)

In any case these guys are decent Scandi Hardcore the stuff we're all used to they appeared on the classic Noorland album & you can get those songs on the page linked below anyway it's free get it or don't


Spiky Brats

Pretty much continuing on from the last blog I done come these punks from Korea who are self proclaimed drunks & worshippers of Discocks! I can't tell ya much more about them & I've waffled enough today it's my 4th blog! 

The Defectives

Happy (I played this to a mate & he said that's just far too happy!!) Italian Punk Rock with OI & Japanese HC influences!!! 

Stumbled across these the other week & hunted down the demo & here it is for you enjoyment. These guys from Milan in Italy of course & proper look the part .....PUNK AS FUCK!! 


You're welcome to come play Liverpool if you ever come to the UK guys gizz a shout!! 


A slight change for me here & defo not on the 77 side of things!! Hazarder are a Sludge band & I certainly don't like many of them nor do I actually like the word Sludge maybe they are just Doom who the fuck knows it's not my genre!! It's totally chuggy metal very heavy & with a totally un-annoying vocal style which is very pleasing to my ears I am glad to say!! It's a fucking miracle you say Agz actually likes a new metal album few & far between I may add!! 

Taking a bit of a liberty here by posting the album up for you to download but I personally think more people should hear them & spread the word. Again I played with them once this year & actually watched the full set which on the whole surprised me haha!! 

Links to the places you should be able to buy the album are HERE ON THEIR BANDCAMP PAGE

In my defence for the whole metal on a punk blog though they site their influences as Amebix, Killing Joke & Axegrinder so I reckon I can get away with this blasphemy!! Can I?? Anyway Stream it off the bandcamp page, buy it if you like it & can afford it? Download as a last choice!!


Here is a pic of Skitvarld guitarist Mik (in the middle) looking like a deer in the headlights with HAZARDER & well he got so drunk that night it took about 20 mins to plug his guitar in & then spent the night in Birmingham. The next day on my way to work I got a text saying "WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING STILL IN BRUM!!" The hilarious escapades of Skitvarld!! 

Photo evidence you say!! The fun news is we're going back to Birmingham soon to leave him their again!!!!!! 


Absolutely outstanding band! That's it end of blog!!

BROOKLYN APRIL 12 2014 (Courtasy of a video made by unARTigNYC) I just ripped to Mp3

Live @ PSYKOSEN, UPPSALA 22nd Feb 2014 (Again ripped from this you tube maker 1983 mhc)

NEW ADDITION Sheffield June 2014   (Thanks to the YouTube vid from SureHand Nick again I ripped it to MP3) 

Anyway I jest it's not the end of the blog I'm just gonna ramble on a bit how much I think these guys have joined the club of true Scandi HC bands that are worth a wank MOB 47, MELLAKKA, SHITLICKERS, CIMEX, RIISTETYT, AVSKUM & so on. They truly have made me & many other people stand up & say WOW all done without a Facebook page as well!! I was lucky enough to share a stage with them last year when we was first starting out & really not worthy of a decent gig to be honest!! When we watched them I literally said fuck me I wish my vocals were like that & the stage presence is quite phenomenal as well! 

There are obviously some fantastic releases to be had pics somewhere on the blog. If you ain't heard these guys then you've been where?? If you have you will surely know what I am saying is true.

Stream some tunes from here SOUNDCLOUD

Visit their blog here INFERNOH 

I've not put any of their releases up again but 2 (NOW 3... July 5th) live gigs I have converted for your Ipod or whatever electronic device you kids have at home!!

These are defo in my top 5 bands I constantly listen to! Am looking forward to playing on the same bill in the future again now that we've defo improved are noisier & have more depth!!


The Wankys

This blogs been a long time coming for me & finally Mark (Guitar & Vocals/Noise Punk Records) has finally succumbed to putting stuff on Bandcamp for you to listen to buy. I ain't done a Wankys blog with all there stuff on because well it's mostly all still for sale in one format or another from Mark & many other outlets & for some unknown reason I just didn't want to tread on anyone's toes!!! (make's a change for me) 
But with this & the next blog which will already be up INFERNOH I am just liking some live stuff I have either done myself or robbed off youtube & converted into MP3.

What a tune/What a video!!! POUNDLAND!! 

Firstly though The Wankys are one of my fave bands especially one's that are still active. I've had the guys up to Liverpool twice & well people just haven't in general got them in this major United Kingdom city mind you I've seen some of the mind numbingly boring shit that this city has to offer punk & gig wise it's a fucking embarrassment. Sad to say when I truly believe my band is the noisiest & punkest band in the region!! So when The Wankys come to visit as I am sure they will in the future we become the 2nd noisiest band in the city "at that time" I can handle that 
(NOTE The only other band I care about in Liverpool by the way is Auralskit but enough on that!)


Lets get to it with some links for you firstly Mark's NOISE PUNK RECORDS get up to date information on everything WANK, Mark's distro/record label.

Secondly finally a place where you can get hold of their deleted stuff on MP3 for next to nothing BANDCAMP or you can stream to your hearts content!! 

A recording I done of a charity gig me & me mate's put together with different genre's all I can say about this is most of the bands didn't watch each other cause they either fucked off or stood outside till they played! Something I blew my top with in the end when The Wankys was on I went outside & ripped the fuck out of people standing there, the one thing the lads did do as I did was watch some of the mind numbingly wank that did play that day it's called respect but that's another story!! 

Lastly links to their FACEFUCK PAGE

There really isn't much need for me to say owt else the lads are from Leicester a place almost impossible to spell without spell check & a place that unless you're British you prob can't say properly!! Good luck to American TV this year cause they are back in the English Premier League (Football by the way not that fake American shit were they throw the ball & call it football!!!)