Saturday, 21 June 2014


A slight change for me here & defo not on the 77 side of things!! Hazarder are a Sludge band & I certainly don't like many of them nor do I actually like the word Sludge maybe they are just Doom who the fuck knows it's not my genre!! It's totally chuggy metal very heavy & with a totally un-annoying vocal style which is very pleasing to my ears I am glad to say!! It's a fucking miracle you say Agz actually likes a new metal album few & far between I may add!! 

Taking a bit of a liberty here by posting the album up for you to download but I personally think more people should hear them & spread the word. Again I played with them once this year & actually watched the full set which on the whole surprised me haha!! 

Links to the places you should be able to buy the album are HERE ON THEIR BANDCAMP PAGE

In my defence for the whole metal on a punk blog though they site their influences as Amebix, Killing Joke & Axegrinder so I reckon I can get away with this blasphemy!! Can I?? Anyway Stream it off the bandcamp page, buy it if you like it & can afford it? Download as a last choice!!


Here is a pic of Skitvarld guitarist Mik (in the middle) looking like a deer in the headlights with HAZARDER & well he got so drunk that night it took about 20 mins to plug his guitar in & then spent the night in Birmingham. The next day on my way to work I got a text saying "WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING STILL IN BRUM!!" The hilarious escapades of Skitvarld!! 

Photo evidence you say!! The fun news is we're going back to Birmingham soon to leave him their again!!!!!! 

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