Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Rik Mayall .......The People's Poet Is Dead!!!

Well it was a sad day on Monday 9th June 2014 when the news broke that Rik Mayall  The People's Poet was dead from unknown causes (as of time writing this blog) I just couldn't let this pass though without me saying something & it certainly won't be anything as pathetic as R.I.P 

Rik & Ade are without a doubt some of the funniest people this planet has ever known from the Dangerous Brothers to the amazing The Young Ones & of course Bottom. Obviously other things like Filthy Rich & Catflap, Guesthouse Paradiso, & so on. But for me seeing The Young One's in the 80's completely changed things for me I would basically impersonate Rik's & Ade's characters none stop. Well most teenagers did around that time some good, some bad & funny enough I was pretty decent at it, not normally my forte!!  I basically continue to do this now & I'm 45 such was the impact of the young one's on me & millions of other people in the 80's plus I'm still a complete child at heart!!!!! 

It is with such sadness that someone only 56 should die & leave people feeling so empty. The impact I seen on Facebook was astounding & most of my friends know now not to write such stupid shit as just RIP RIK & if you follow this blog you know why or just click on the RIP link in the first paragraph. I can't let this bit go though without me saying the usual RIP Rik Mayall Facebook pages are up & running by some cunts wanting "likes" in a popularity contest made by wankers for wankers. There is even one up for lets give Rik a state funeral yeah that's gonna happen (I'm such a miserable angry man haha) In other news me & a mate Barry always put up little sayings from these shows that most people never get onto. I've lost count the amount of times I put "From all the lads on the Arc Royale" I actually think people may have thought I was in the Royal Navy I've said it so many times!! The other week I was doing the super glue thing where Rik pretended to be stuck on the window & it was a joke you fell for it like the fascist you are!! 

One of the first things I taught my kids where "Eddie I've done your favourite a pickled onion sandwich" which is quite hilarious coming from little children! (Especially for my own amusement!!) But lets get back to the whole Rik Mayall death. What a man, what a genius & how fucking funny was he. I can truly say he will be missed & that comedy show that one day when they was miserable old men Ade & Rik said they was gonna make will never see the light of day now. 
I can't praise him highly enough his humour just totally appealed to me & always will do. How many times have I seen The Young One's? Bottom? 
I honestly couldn't tell you .......................it's a lot though. 

Let's wrap this up I'm gonna miss you Rik Mayall but you'll always be in the heart of countless millions that has been plain to see. His family & close friends will of course miss him the most & well I've been through that pain there is nothing worse. 

So long funny man you was defiantly one of the greatest 

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