Saturday, 14 June 2014

Sound Pollution / Industrial Suicide

In days gone yonder when I was a young lad I like many thousands of you tape traded & traded tapes & tape traded some more. Within such delights of a youthful day gone by we used to get in touch with great people & new bands. One such band & people's where a band called Sound Pollution who ended up doing a split with the then early days of a certain Rotting Christ now Metal Royalty in Greece (& well around the world I suppose!) Both bands I used to trade with & chat to I'm sure someone came to my house but I am fucked if I remember who? Couple of Greek guys standing on my doorstep hey Agz we've come to visit haha! 

Sound Pollution where of a time when bands (inc a band I was in) began replicating such bands a Fear Of God, Agathocles, 7MON Sore Throat etc some decent some shite hang on MOST SHITE!! In all honesty I've gotta say that at the time it sounded great now hmmmm not so much I'd even go so far as to say Sore Throat hasn't really stood the test of time something I would never thought I would ever say however Fear Of God & Agathocles (especially pre 90's Agx) well they have in my ears 7MON well they're just pure fucking noise .... noise is noise!!
One such band though that grabbed my attention was indeed Sound Pollution & I thought I'd revisit the old tapes of theirs! Whilst I made my way to work (& back later when I finished my research/recap) I realised that there is something sad about just not being able to put a tape recorder in the praccy room hitting record & releasing the normal bag of shite that ensued! This is of course most of what you will hear should you choose to download these recordings. I was listening to my old band the other week from this same era & was like arggghhhhh what the fuck that's shit but in all honesty it wasn't it was the time it was NOISECORE the start it was REAL GRIND not the fucking 1000 mph bollocks out now with no lyrics or singing about raping women with a rusty blade etc it was just Hardcore Punk.  

I was just about to quit this blog when I realised I hadn't said anything about Industrial Suicide!! 
Silly me (Oh by the way I've not put the split with Rotting Christ on I think you can find that elsewhere but if anyone is really desperate for it let me know I will upload it) Anyway midway through our friendship came a tape & letter with Sound Pollution are no more Agz we are Industrial Suicide now they sound better & sound like they are beginning to learn their instruments better & as what normally happens you become a better band. 

Guys I can’t remember which one of you I wrote to Sakis, Spiros, George cause I was in touch with a lot of Greeks at that time so I hope you see this & get in touch whoever it was. I hope you remember Agz (I used to do a zine called Health Crew I really should never have kept that name when I took the zine over terrible name especially for a none straight edge guy!!)

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