Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Wankys

This blogs been a long time coming for me & finally Mark (Guitar & Vocals/Noise Punk Records) has finally succumbed to putting stuff on Bandcamp for you to listen to buy. I ain't done a Wankys blog with all there stuff on because well it's mostly all still for sale in one format or another from Mark & many other outlets & for some unknown reason I just didn't want to tread on anyone's toes!!! (make's a change for me) 
But with this & the next blog which will already be up INFERNOH I am just liking some live stuff I have either done myself or robbed off youtube & converted into MP3.

What a tune/What a video!!! POUNDLAND!! 

Firstly though The Wankys are one of my fave bands especially one's that are still active. I've had the guys up to Liverpool twice & well people just haven't in general got them in this major United Kingdom city mind you I've seen some of the mind numbingly boring shit that this city has to offer punk & gig wise it's a fucking embarrassment. Sad to say when I truly believe my band is the noisiest & punkest band in the region!! So when The Wankys come to visit as I am sure they will in the future we become the 2nd noisiest band in the city "at that time" I can handle that 
(NOTE The only other band I care about in Liverpool by the way is Auralskit but enough on that!)


Lets get to it with some links for you firstly Mark's NOISE PUNK RECORDS get up to date information on everything WANK, Mark's distro/record label.

Secondly finally a place where you can get hold of their deleted stuff on MP3 for next to nothing BANDCAMP or you can stream to your hearts content!! 

A recording I done of a charity gig me & me mate's put together with different genre's all I can say about this is most of the bands didn't watch each other cause they either fucked off or stood outside till they played! Something I blew my top with in the end when The Wankys was on I went outside & ripped the fuck out of people standing there, the one thing the lads did do as I did was watch some of the mind numbingly wank that did play that day it's called respect but that's another story!! 

Lastly links to their FACEFUCK PAGE

There really isn't much need for me to say owt else the lads are from Leicester a place almost impossible to spell without spell check & a place that unless you're British you prob can't say properly!! Good luck to American TV this year cause they are back in the English Premier League (Football by the way not that fake American shit were they throw the ball & call it football!!!)  

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