Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Absence of Malice

Absence of Malice
The Awakening EP 1985 
That is all!!! 

The OldGuard

Right this is my side project The OldGuard as oppose to SKITVARLD which is my main band!! I got in touch with all the above guys in the photo from left to right Piggy (Pibby/Ian), Yours Truly my good self Agz (Both Vocals) Dave (Drums) & Petch on Guitar & anything that's lying around he will drink!! We've had a fuck up with the bass player (s) so much so we just don't care or get wound up over this shit anymore!! 
We've got people lined up we'll go through them one by one over the next few years or do what we did when we me Piggy & Petch was last together DO WITHOUT!!!

The original idea for this band was more of just having fun & wanting to make music & drink.... it's still that but it's been great to see the comradery developed with the new guy Dave with the rest of the band & the way it's clicked into place which has been great to see. We don't have plans to conquer the world, we don't have plans to tour, we don't have plans to play outside the city of Liverpool!! It's just 4 (or 5) lads making music & having fun!! 

What's the music like Agz you ask well the original idea was to do something like DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Adrenalin OD, you know Thrashy Hardcore & well it's still the idea fast thrashy HC!! But you can just make your own mind up what you think we sound like!! 

This recording is NOT PERFECT it was done in practically one take of each song well 2 at the most!! We was all just mic'ed up & we just played it live, we do plan to record these in a studio in the next few months so this is just as taster & we have 2 more songs lined up before we wanna go into the studio & record!! 

There are two ways to get this recording 
or you can just directly get it from my own personal upload 
If you have a facebook page come & join the page (click on the link in the first line of this blog!) & please feel free to share it about obviously when we record it in the studio this will be gone forever so get it while you can!! 

Thanks so much to Matt from Auralskit who came out the goodness of his heart & done this for free & in his own time.... that's a proper mate cheers brother. 

& for fuck sake don't think this is a serious photo!!
FUCK THAT MACHO NYHC & SxE BOLLOCKS it's a bit of a parody!! 

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Just a quick one from 2011 Japanese Hardcore "GOUM" too busy to say things at the moment (Thank fuck you say!) Just ripping some stuff for your future enjoyment!! 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Various: Ground Zero Hardcore NYC 2013 12 Inch Record

As a follow up to the Sad Boys blog (below) & just to show you the change in the way NYC has come to the forefront of noisy punk it's also a place a lot of top bands (From this genre) are going now so really good gigs/all dayers happening. 
Hey I don't have all the facts about what's going on in NYC but from what I can see it's looking great for like minded people like myself ....again after years of macho fucking NYHC bollocks!! 


A1La MismaSaudade
A2Deformity (5)Silver Spoon Sucker
A3Nomad (24)Nikushimi
A4GoosebumpsI Know I Did It
A5Black Boot (2)The Ladder
A6PutridaNo Es Vivir
A7Anasazi (3)Rest In Piss
B1MurdererHush Baby, Stop Crying
B2Sad BoysNo Friends
B3Bort GangViolent State
B4Crazy SpiritUntitled
B5Perdition (5)Conflagration
B6Dawn Of HumansUntitled
B7Hank Wood And The HammerheadsFive Million Eggs

Sad Boys

The great news is that NYC is back on the map with loads of proper good bands coming out of that fair city! I can almost say American HC rules again after many years of that macho fucking bullshit from a load of those band who are now big stars...... the true underground is back with music & that appeals to my fussy as fuck old ears!! 
SAD BOYS have members from many of these said bands a current fave of mine NOMAD!! Anyway I'm only putting their older stuff (not so old) cause I won't put up new releases cause it's wrong buy them they've only just came out. I wouldn't mind a copy of the Mexico Tour tape if anyone can zip it to me?? 

2 girls 2 boys female fronted with vocals that remind me of The Comes at times. 
I pretty much don't know much more about them