Saturday, 12 July 2014

Sad Boys

The great news is that NYC is back on the map with loads of proper good bands coming out of that fair city! I can almost say American HC rules again after many years of that macho fucking bullshit from a load of those band who are now big stars...... the true underground is back with music & that appeals to my fussy as fuck old ears!! 
SAD BOYS have members from many of these said bands a current fave of mine NOMAD!! Anyway I'm only putting their older stuff (not so old) cause I won't put up new releases cause it's wrong buy them they've only just came out. I wouldn't mind a copy of the Mexico Tour tape if anyone can zip it to me?? 

2 girls 2 boys female fronted with vocals that remind me of The Comes at times. 
I pretty much don't know much more about them 

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