Friday, 22 August 2014

Zygote (Inc Stig C Miller solo)

Well I've just been lying on my bed all day cause well in the past 2 weeks (not including this weeks work prior to the weekend of 32 hours 24 more to come over the weekend) 110 hours!! So I think I deserve a doing shite all day? 
I've had a real shitty year that may finally be turning for the better so much so I've actually been able to buy music again for the first time in months & as music is my ultimate love (hope my wife & kids don't read this... come to think of it they give not a shit about my innermost thoughts!!) this is a good thing for me!!! 
I've been meaning to blog a few things all day & well I haven't & well I woke up at 7.30 so it's not like I've been sleeping though its now 7pm!! 
Anyway here is a blog I'm not a massive fan of Zygote & you can prob get their stuff around the web but fuck it I have been listening to a lot of Amebix recently (again ... who hasn't?) & well that's sort of led me onto doing a bit of Zygote as well!! 
Anyway Stig is doing some solo work which you can listen to RIGHT HERE it's fucking awesome which reminds me I must buy it now I've a couple of quid finally!! He's put it up so he can hopefully one day make a record. For me it's like a follow on to Sonic Mass which I absolutely fucking love it's acoustic but I think the final songs when properly recorded with have drums etc. 

I'm finally able to put up to date YOUTUBE video's on here !! So the vids are here as well :D 

I really like Stig's vocals very gruff, different & individual I look forward very much to the future release. I have just purchased the songs off bandcamp by the way why don't you so we can make this happen!

Well this is a Zygote blog so here is the downloads for that hope you like it?? 

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