Friday, 12 September 2014

RANT #2 ...... U2/Apple/iTunes


UPDATE 16/09/14: GOOD NEWS APPLE HAVE MADE IT READILY AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO GET RID OF THIS VIRUS!! FUCK YOU U2 & APPLE YOU ARE BACK IN MY GOOD BOOKS! However I'll leave my rant up for you to all realise just how much of a fucking loon I really am!!! 

Well it's been a while since I had a good fucking rant & well getting all my Apple devices infected with possible the worst virus in the history of the internet has got my back up big time & as Peter Griffin would say what really 

So what am I on about well if you live on another planet? (When I say other planet well some people do live on this planet but don't know fuck all example I said to someone yesterday in work 
"I see Oscar Pistorious got away with murder" & his reply "Why what did he do?"...... I despair sometimes!)  
Here is what's happened to the unfortunate Apple account holders!

Yesterday everyone with an Apple account was either lucky enough (If you're a cunt!) or unlucky enough to be given FREE the new U2 album who are Ireland's most annoying fucking export along with St Patrick day! Just delete it then you may say NO I CAN'T this is the problem! It's on my iPhone, it's on my wife's iPhone, it's on my wife's iPad it was on my iTunes (I deleted it as soon as I seen it their!) IT'S ON YOURS AS WELL!! 

What's this Bono YOU CUNT........................................ a minute, another minute, another minute ..... it's the sound of another tweet of utter disgust from another person on Twitter who fucking hate's  YOU YA CUNT (Did I mention that?) just hash tag  #U2iTunes you'll see prob more if you use a different hash tag! 

Like most people we can accept that we’ve been given it (I wish I could do this with my band like perhaps I could be a fucking multi millionaire tax dodging cunt?) however what I cannot accept is it’s just lying there in wait on my phone next to one of my fave bands The Dickies & one of my band’s The OldGuard that’s all I have on my phone music wise (I don't use my phone for music much) oh yeah & U bloody fucking 2!! I downloaded it proper on my phone so I could swipe left to delete but guess what it won’t go it just stays there for you to still download again!! 
IT IS A FUCKING VIRUS ..........it really is!!!

I love apple I really do in fact here is my Facebook status this morning save me writing it again!

I've added the first couple of comments onto the pic there are many more on their as well but both worthy comments that I'm sure many of you agree with. 

I personally have a 120GB & a 160GB iPod, My wife has an iPad (Which she sort of inherited as hers even though it was for me haha) & we both have iPhone’s as well as all 4 of our kids (hang on one fucked up & got a different one but she’s going back I THINK!) Cornered the market in the Rose household (& outside the house they all don’t live with us like!!) However Apple I will say I am utterly disgusted & fuming that you should force this onto 800,000,000 people (accounts) worldwide!! I mean what the fuck? Just give people the option to be able to download it if they want, not just force it on them! I’m a right twat when I get a fucking leaflet through my door from some god damn pizza/takeaway place & even worse when they leave my gate open!! For the record I open the door confront them & hurl the “HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO CLOSE MY FUCKING GATE & STOP PUTTING SHIT THROUGH MY DOOR!”  I sound angry I am when they don’t close my gate..... LAZY BASTRDS!!

So the thing is U2 sit proudly in the iCloud forever waiting for the day I want it?.... Need it?.....Forgive Bono for being a tit?......Finally go deaf?......Have a skiing or car accident & smash my brain in then somehow let people know I want to listen to U2?..... FUCK YOU U2 & FUCK YOU APPLE for doing this!!! Delete this shit from our accounts NOW!! 

U2 don’t make any more music at least you was slightly original when you came out but now WOW SHIT (Oh hang on I've not listened to the new album have I 

STOP PRESS here is how to get it off your iPhone thanks to Layla Gibbon go into your settings find music & click on!

Find show all music (see at the bottom) click it so no green like below go into your music & it's gone!! 


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