Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Screaming Holocaust

Screaming Holocaust a band I can't for the life of me remember much about obviously from ENT country & mates with them! But at the time back in 89/90 when I bought these ep's I think I knew a lot more about them! 

I remember a few years ago looking through the internet looking for the MP3's of these 2 ep's (Cause I am too lazy to convert stuff myself though I have all the equipment!! Anyway I remember only finding one!! However it's Sept 2014 & I finally decided to convert the ep's myself & here they are & also the pictures of them whilst I was recording them as well!! Having just pent the past half hour editing the files & upping the sound them making them MP3 friendly as I do this is the finished article!! I am listening to the files as I do this blog & I think they are ok? However if I have fucked them up let me know I'm lying in bed & can't be arsed checking the vinyl which is downstairs (I ripped these a week or so ago!! Time moves slowly here!! Well in all honesty I've just completed a 73 hour working week either side of two 12 hour shifts so as you can understand 100 hours almost in 9 days takes it's toll on body & mind!!! Anyway point being the first 3 tracks on War come to a total of just over 4 mins yet the other side is almost 6 mins!! Prob ok just me & my tired head!!! 

Where did they go what did they do? For me the Hardcore scene was losing a lot of it's heavyweights around this time the likes of Napalm Death switched allegiance & went on the road to being absolutely fucking shite suddenly believing that Death Metal was a great idea!! But that's another story huh? The top bands was splitting up & a new wave of Hardcore bands was coming though none really exciting me to be honest bar the likes of Filthkick who didn't last too long either! Crust, Grind & Noise had had it's day for a while!! Maybe this is why Screaming Holocaust didn't hit the heights of previous bands in a similar vein?? Maybe that's just me lets face it that was 24 years ago & well I can barely remember what I did last week!!!  

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