Friday, 20 March 2015

Hank Wood & The Hammerheads

So here I am finally after a long break. My life revolves around a 56 hour working week basically to survive in Tory ruled UK & the fact I can get the records, cd's, tapes etc I want finally after having a fucking shit first half of 2014!! Anyway enough about me & hooray to me for buying loads of music again!!! 

So I generally think NYHC is crap, I mean not all of it but I hated that macho bollocks that straight edge crap that came around that 80's/90's period. HOWEVER the NYHC scene now is something I am almost obsessed with some of the bands that have or are coming out from the self proclaimed "Greatest city in the world" is something that I am thoroughly enjoying. It's different & noisy as fuck. One such band Hank Wood are as I originally described them as The Doors on Coke & Speed then I thought hmmm you didn't really think that out did you Andrew!!! 

Now some of the there stuff is still available from some distro's around the world one such place I'm gonna link here LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS how long & how much Paco has I don't know? This is a UK distro/label with many great things to buy from! Anyway you can also find stuff on Discogs as well but for those who don't have enough money here are the file's for you to download & listen to as usual try & support the band & any band I blog (that's still going of course)


  1. A few of those links are duplicated and link to a different file.

    1. Fixed (Thanks) not sure if it replied directly to you so I've tried again.

  2. Thanks Lonnie all fixed now enjoy :D