Monday, 21 August 2017

Gasmiasma - Thermobarbarian 12 " & KRVS Tape

Finally converting it!!!! 
So I've been a lazy twat & couldn't be arsed converting stuff hoping someone else would do it but alas nahhhh so I've done it myself today "Thermobarbarian" 12 inch for you to finally be able to listen on your Mp3/Ipod/Lappy or whatever. 

Obviously the lyrics

Korsfäst (Updated 2/7/18 with link to 3rd album

It's converting!!!! 

Did write a bit about these back in 2014 but I've updated the blog I published on 18th Feb 2014 so I'm not chatting so much shit!!! I've wrote some absolute bollocks over the years on this blog!!! 

Sunday, 9 July 2017

D.R.I - DEMO 1983

Love em or hate em this was a game changer!!! 
The 1983 Demo That is all! 

Jailcell Recipes

Always one of my fave drawings for the band.

Being a local to me band & basically one of the "House" bands in the infamous Planet X in Liverpool I got to see these guys a fair amount of times. Not as many as a lot more of my old "friends" but I lost count let's put it that way! Robbie the lead singer is a year below me in school and as there was only 3 of us who were still listening to punk in our school we obviously knew each other! I was listening to more stuff as well & wasn't really exclusive to punk rock! 

Later on in years I would become great friends with my still best mate Piggy who was living in Poulton Road with Robbie, Sanjiv, Middie (Drummer in Skitvarld my old band) which as you may or may not know was the name of the Ep they released POULTON ROAD (Which reminds me I forgot to add the worn down 7 inch in this zip never mind you have both albums & the Poulton Road sessions in it........ forget that it's at the end of the Poulton Road sessions) you can see a lot of the crew from that time of life in a picture on the Poulton Road ep whch also includes the mysterious Sanjiv who was the original vocalist in Carcass (Only thing is he's not mysterious at all!!!) I'm not in the picture why.... well I was one of the few people who had a job at the time & I wasn't around that day haha! 

I was briefly in a band with Jamie the guitarist who was playing drums in a band that would have been called MOSCHOPS which also included Whitey the drummer from Electro Hippies who was playing guitar!!! That sadly only lasted one praccy I can't recall why we never practised again other than the Libido Boyz was using JCR equipment for a European tour & it just fell away! I have a recording of that practice though. 

Anyway enough of my stories of days of yonder so have the zip. I've done it in one file so sorry bit easier & quicker before I get bored/no time of blogging again!! 

Thursday, 6 July 2017

DT and the Stoodes

Seems I started this (Stoodes) Blog on Novemeber the 20th 2015! That was around the time I decided to change my life for the better & get the fuck out the hellhole it had turned into. So 18 months down the line I'm a better man in the best place I've ever been with the absolute love of my life. That's another story!

This band haven't got much recognition but I love them. There is a YouTube video on where they are doing a live set at a fashion show which is priceless it's a cunt to find so good luck I tried for you for about 10 mins!

Inside Out

Might get a bit of shit for this in two counts, one because I always slag this type of Hardcore off generally & two Revelation Records prob won't like I've put it up, but hey fuck it. (Put a comment in the post & I'll drop it) 

I've mainly put this up as it's Zach La Rocha's band & well I'll admit I think RATM album is one of the best albums of all time so fuck it!! If you want to pay $5 for this ep then go here Inside Out Revelation Records Bandcamp so that's my plug however I'm putting it on for free here. The EP is still widely available including a gold version of 550 copies released not 2 years ago! It gets released quite often. 

Consisting of members of Chain Of Strength (Whatever happened to my green vinyl of that I don't know!) Gorilla Biscuits, Shelter, 108 etc there is no lack of talent in this band. It's defo not your stereotypical NYHC bollocks but it's defo in the mixing pot. 

Ok well that's it. I was just listening to it on my iTunes and thought I would share it as I'm possibly gonna do another blog in a minute!!! Wow this is a bit surreal! What's happened with me well my life has changed a lot so I may even do a separate blog for that information as it's been a long time since I posted here.

Thanks to the people who I've met over the years who told me how much they loved the blog & got loads of stuff off it. If you're new I had tonnes of stuff on here & one day I woke up to find 99% had been wiped by media-fire so I tried again & it went again. It was pretty heartbreaking anyway I wiped all those blogs & started again a little bit & well this is what you see.